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How to plan a fabulous work party

Last year's Christmas party

We love a good party at PN Personnel, at work we are focused, busy and committed to delivering successful recruitment strategies for our clients and job seekers. When we do get together away from the office, we enjoy celebrating our successes as a team and having fun.

The best parties are planned and have some structure. If you are planning your work function for your team, here are some things to consider for a successful party.

Love your work – the benefits of temping

“If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life,” Marc Anthony

Love your work – the benefits of temping

The workplace is an ever-changing space, the traditional 9 – 5 Monday to Friday work-day has been replaced with more flexible working environments. New technologies make it easier for us to work remotely, but also harder to switch off from work.

People want choice, for their work and for their lifestyle. Temporary work is becoming more than a stop-gap between permanent roles and a fast income. More and more people prefer and consciously choose to work on temporary work assignments or fixed term contracts because of the many benefits it provides.

PN Personnel – we’re the right recruitment agency for you!

PN Personnel – we’re the right recruitment agency for you!

We’re the biggest and best agency in the Manawatu! Yes, it’s a bold statement, but we are proud of what we achieve and the positive impact we can have for our Clients and job seekers.

Job seeking is challenging and it’s hard to know where to start – look no further than PN Personnel, we’re here to help.

Be Employment Search Ready

It's time to find your first job or your next job...what now?

Be Employment Search Ready

As Recruitment Specialists we often get approached by individuals who want a new role or their first role, but aren't quite familiar with how to get themselves ready.

Here are some simple steps to get you started.

These are simple, easy, and are often not done by all job seekers. 

Be a positive co-worker...

Be a positive co-worker...

It’s often the case that you spend more time with your co-workers than your family. The way you interact with your co-workers and approach your work contributes to the overall work environment. If you are motivated and positive, you are more likely to also be successful in your work and business.

There are some simple ways in which you can be a productive, amiable and liked co-worker.

How many of these can you tick off your list?

Should you change your career pathway?

Should you change your career pathway?

There comes a point in your career when you consider a change in direction. 

This may be triggered by many different reasons, you may have achieved a lot in your role, and feel you want to try something different, you may need a new and greater challenge, or simply feel the time is right to try something completely new.

Keep your interview on track

There are some people who are naturally talkative, when it comes to an interview situation this can be hard to manage, especially if their comments have veered away from the question you have asked. How do you stay on track?

As Recruitment Specialists we have come across this situation many times, especially as many people can incessantly chatter when they are nervous.

Here are our suggestions to keep your interviewee focused so you can find the information you need to know.

What are your salary expectations?

What are your salary expectations?

This can be a tricky question to answer. You don’t want to oversell or undersell yourself.

Salary is a critical discussion as part of the recruitment process. The easiest way to manage this is to work with your Recruitment Specialists at PN Personnel.  We can smooth and progress this discussion – by being the middle man between yourself and the employer.

Matt's Q3 Market Update

From the latest regional activity to upcoming opportunities, our Client Manager Matt shares his thoughts on the 3rd quarter of the year. Watch his video to learn more. 

Should you include your photo in your CV? I have the answer.

Should you include your photo in your CV? I have the answer.

I recently went along to an evening hosted by the Network of Skilled Migrants Manawatu to provide advice and tips on writing a CV. I was asked if you should include your photo in your CV, which sparked a bit of discussion amongst ourselves.

This question recently arose in the office, and from this PN Personnel team poll, the response was unanimous. A resounding NO!

Why you need to be a strategic recruiter

Why you need to be a strategic recruiter

Senior managers often delegate recruitment to less senior staff when they need a job recruited. These staff are given the job requirements, the expected outcome and taught the process to follow.

This Regimental Recruitment system may secure you a new employee, but does it allow for you to attract and recruit the best person for your business?

Technology assists but will never replace a robust recruitment strategy

Technology assists but will never replace a robust recruitment strategy

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, but it will never replace the value in real connections, conversations and relationships. For recruitment it is our relationships, built and developed on understanding and trust, which are key to recruitment success. 

These relationships start with our Clients and their businesses, and our understanding of their organisational goals and needs.  From our discussions and visits with our Clients, we fully understand their recruitment need, whether it be for a permanent employee in their team or temporary staff cover.

Move to Manawatu

Move to Manawatu has been launched by CEDA (Central Economic Development Agency) and shares stories from people, like myself, who have relocated to the region.

My family and I are featured in a new campaign promoting the lifestyle and career opportunities on offer in Palmerston North and Manawatu.

If you haven’t yet, read our story here, or watch Janelle’s interview on the AM show here.


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