Psychometric Assessments

What are Podium Assessments?

Podium assessment testing is a state-of-the-art, technology platform that seamlessly supports the delivery of on-line psychometric assessments and is divided into two broad categories; tests of ability and assessments of personality. 

Why use it?

By incorporating both ability and personality assessments into your recruitment strategy you achieve a deeper level of insight into potential job performance and team fit.

Assessments are:

  • Short and succinct;
  • Easy to access on-line across multiple devices
  • Cost effective and reflect contemporary research

Results are:

  • Insightful – providing structured and measurable information about a candidate’s likely behaviours and ability levels
  • Tailored to both employers and candidates in easy to understand and free from jargon reports
  • Supported by specialist interpretation and advisory service

We recommend any robust recruitment strategy includes both an ability test and personality assessment:

Personality Plus
Measures – Personality, tendencies and preferences
Investment - $325.00 (plus GST)

General Cognitive Ability           
Measures - abstract, verbal and numeral reasoning abilities
Investment - $145.00 (plus GST)

Adaptive Reasoning           
Measures - cognitive ability (how quickly somebody can learn, how readily they can adapt, how easily they can understand, and how adeptly they can solve novel problems)
Investment - $145.00 (plus GST)

Critical Reasoning           
Measures – verbal critical reasoning and numerical critical (ability to conceptualise , analyse, question and evaluate ideas)
 Investment - $185.00 (plus GST)

Using relevant assessments we can gather additional job-specific information, making more informed and accurate selection decisions and highlight opportunities for staff development and coaching. By reducing selection errors, organisations can reduce staff turnover, training costs, lost opportunities and stress to individuals. 

Add personality profiling into your recruitment strategy, talk to one of our Recruitment Specialists or call us on 06 356 6091 to find out more.



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