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Psychometric Assessments

What are Psychometric Assessments and how can they assist your business?

Psychometric assessments can be divided into two broad categories – tests of ability and assessments of personality. PN Personnel believe by incorporating psychometric assessments into a recruitment strategy you further reduce the risks associated with hiring decisions. Quality personality assessments and ability testing gives structured and measurable insights into an individual's likely behaviours and ability levels. They can also identify where someone could excel in a job as well as recognising areas where further training and development or initial job support may be required.

All assessments can be completed online and are accessible via PC, tablet or smartphone. A full written report is produced (for both client and candidate) and can be supported by a phone or in person consultation with our qualified assessment interpreter.

Psychometric Assessments Aid the Selection Process

Psychometric assessments are consistent and impartial and can enhance the objectivity of the selection process. They are standardised in terms of the questions asked, the time allowed, and instructions given, which means all candidates are placed on an equal footing, making the assessment fair and objective. Unbiased, reliable and relevant information concerning the likelihood of job success and satisfaction can be provided, and they can improve the chances of appointing productive, high performing staff. Using relevant assessments we can gather additional job-specific information, making more informed and accurate selection decisions possible. By reducing selection errors, organisations can reduce staff turnover, training costs, lost opportunities and stress to individuals.

Computer Assessments

PN Personnel has access to hundreds of online skills assessments to make sure your applicants can do what they say they can. These assessments range from typing speed and accuracy to proficiency in excel and health and safety.

Many of our computer assessments are provided complimentary with our full recruitment services.

We also provide the option to utilise our assessments alongside your own recruitment. PN Personnel will administer these assessments and provide a report of the applicants results for $50.00+GST per assessment.

Contact us to find out more about the available assessments and to learn which ones will be right for you.

Outplacement Services

Outplacement services are used by organisations to support employees who are exiting the business (voluntarily or involuntarily). PN Personnel believe that the best support is a tailored approach delivered by way of one on one consultations. However, group sessions can also be provided by arrangement. There are a range of areas PN Personnel can provide support and transition former employees looking for new roles and opportunities including:

  • career coaching
  • CV review and redevelopment
  • interview skills and techniques
  • effective job search strategies

For more information on Psychometric Services, Computer Assessments or Outplacement Services please contact either Claire or Lauren:

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Claire Hewson

Managing Director
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Lauren McDonald

Lauren McDonald

Service Coordinator
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