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It has been a great challenge for me to attain a desirable position in New Zealand (especially Palmerston North) that can accelerate my engineering career without a stop.

Walking down to PN Personnel was indeed the right decision, as it helped me to introduce myself to the NZ market and get familiarised with the work culture of the region.

I'm really impressed with the support that PN Personnel has always shown during all these months. I have finally been employed permanently in the engineering sector and it wouldn't have been easy without PN Personnel's support.


Employed By UCOL

I was referred to PN Personnel by a friend and have never regretted it. I approached the Agency and met Robyn who made me feel so welcome. She assessed and interviewed me to determine where my skills, qualifications and interests would best be suited. She advised that she would get back to me immediately something came up.

To my surprise, it didn’t take long. Robyn contacted me to tell me about a temporary role (I must confess I was a bit hesitant about working as temp). I however, took the chance and accepted this 3 week temporary role that seamlessly rolled into a permanent role, hurray! I find the job very challenging and interesting. I am happy I approached PN Personnel because I am very happy and successful in my role as Student Learning Advisor.

Thanks to PN Personnel for the connection. I find the Agency very professional in their services and would definitely not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Working with Robyn was very rewarding for me as she is not only a wonderful professional but kind, cheerful, and highly approachable Recruitment Specialist. She demonstrates a lot of excellency in her role. You’re just a star Robyn!



Employed By ANZCO Foods Rangitikei

Temporary Team Member, now Permanently Employed

I found PN Personnel great to work with, offering me the support I needed to get me into temporary work which lead to my permanent position.

The transition into permanent employment was seamless; it’s been a positive experience. Thank you PN Personnel  - I have found a job that is not only perfect but the team I work with are one in a billion.


After 40+ years working for an organisation, being made redundant was devastating. I had applied for several jobs and for most didn't even receive an acknowledgment. I applied through PN Personnel, received a phone call from Cushla inviting me to an interview.

I went to the PN Personnel office feeling a little apprehensive. I walked through the door and my fear and anxiety was instantly put at ease.

Next I met Cushla and found myself in the most relaxed interview I have ever experienced. Thank you for making my journey back into a working role the most comfortable experience.



Temporary team member on OE from the UK

PN Personnel has been the best agency that I've ever used. They were pro-active in contacting me and placed me at Toyota New Zealand and Massey University for the 2 months that I temped in Palmerston North. Payments and paperwork were handled with precision timing and I didn't need to worry much about anything.



After recently been made redundant and applying for jobs with no success, I was referred to PN Personnel by my employer.

I contacted Christine and after a phone conversation and meeting with her in person, I knew and felt that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. It was like she knew and understood exactly where I came from and where I was heading in my future. I have never experienced such professionalism in my working career. It has been an absolute pleasure to have Christine on my side and could recommend her and the PN Personnel team to anyone.

I've always heard other people say "I love my job" and "it's my dream job" and could never really understand or grasp the concept, thinking that it was a Hollywood myth - until now that I'm in that position thanks to Christine and her team.



Sometimes job hunting can be a lonely experience. Once I was registered with PN Personnel I felt that I had people on my team - people who knew who I was and remembered my name. I stopped being invisible.

With the New Zealand economy needing all the skilled people it can get to grow.

The attitude of PN Personnel to older workers is perfect. They have respect for skills and experience and they are honest with you about your options and also about your barriers to employment.

Being taken seriously and being made to feel that "my fabulous career" could still add value to my country made me feel relevant.



Employed By Property Brokers


Thanks to Cushla and her belief in my skills to be able to do the job, I started with Property Brokers as Senior Admin Support back in November.

I returned to Palmerston North, from Dunedin where I’d spent the last 10 years working in hospitality, to be closer to family. My first port of call the day after I moved back to town was to register at PN Personnel. Within a week of the interview with Cushla and doing the computer tests, she had an interview lined up for me at Property Brokers. I was offered the role of Senior Admin Support within a couple of days of the interview and started work the following Monday! It has been a huge learning curve and challenge for me, but one that I have been more than happy to take on, and I haven’t looked back since.

I was totally impressed with the PN Personnel team and their service, and follow through after I started at Property Brokers also. Especially loved the cake! Thanks again!



Christine was my first consultant I met at PN Personnel when I moved across into temporary work back in March. I was placed at a National Support Office which really was a treat and a great learning curve to work there. I thoroughly enjoyed the work and twice I got offered permanent contract roles. Recently I was successful in having another short term temporary opportunity given to me in Levin, which not only is close for my travelling but at an organisation which I am very passionate about. I have been fortunate enough to have been offered a permanent role and therefore no longer require the services that PN Personnel can and have offered me in the past. You never know, our paths may cross again in the future and I'm sure going to miss not working with PN Personnel. Thanks for everything.



I would like to thank the team at PN Personnel for their wonderful commitment with respect to finding me temporary work, and eventually securing me a full-time permanent position. During my period of unemployment I had approached every single recruitment agency in Palmerston North, Hastings and Napier. With only a few exceptions, PN Personnel were the only company who actually took the time to fully read my CV, gave me a one on one personal interview and maintained regular contact with me. They provided me with two appropriate temporary jobs that kept me solvent in a period between two applications for full-time positions. I was accepted for the 2nd of these applications and am now dutifully employed.

So, I would like to tip my hat to the great people who are responsible for the best news I have had in a long time.

Thanks very much PN Personnel!


PN Personnel has been professional and helpful during my search for work. In my time as a temporary employee, I have been supported by Christine and Robyn into a variety of roles, which has helped me to eventually secure permanent employment. The staff at PN Personnel are friendly, supportive and professional. I don't know what I would have done without them! If I were to be unemployed again, PN Personnel would be my first port of call.


Temporary Team Member, now a Client

I approached PN Personnel when I was looking for work myself and found Robyn was very responsive and professional. I was contacted quickly and not too long after I had two job interviews through Palmerston North Personnel. I was offered a suitable temporary role shortly afterwards – this seamlessly rolled into a fixed-term contract with the same employer.

Having already successfully worked with Robyn, it was easy to work with her again when I needed some temporary employees to add to my team. I gave Robyn my role specifications and I quickly received a shortlist of suitable CV’s and from the choices provided, identified and hired some good temporary employees.

I find Robyn responsive, professional, personable and I have had great results both as a job seeker and as a manager of people.



Temporary Team Member, now Permanently Employed

I lived in Auckland my entire life and in February of this year I moved to Palmerston North. I only knew a total of 4 people including my husband. It was definitely a scary time for me as I left everything I knew as ‘home’ back in Auckland. After a couple of months I started job searching and signed up with 3 recruitment agencies.

PN Personnel was the only agency who replied and sprung into action taking me under their wing.

Within only a couple of weeks of signing up with them they called me about an exciting temporary role that they described would be perfect for me. It most certainly was! After temping for 4 months I was offered a permanent position and I couldn’t have been happier – literally!

PN Personnel gave me more than just a salary coming in, they gave me new hope in a new town and a future with new possibilities. I felt like I was their most important candidate.

Thank you so much Christine for everything you have done for me. Your professionalism and world class customer service truly exceeded my expectations and I wish nothing but the very best for you and your team. It was an absolutely amazing experience which will stay with me for the rest of my life.


After being made redundant after 7.5 years on employment, I was nervous about hitting the job market again let alone interviewing.

PN Personnel was advertising the first job that I applied for and they made the whole process so easy for me.

Cushla was my Recruitment Specialist during the application process and I found her upbeat, supportive and always kept me in the loop. Within a month of applying for the position, I had a signed contract and start date.

Thanks to Cushla and the rest of the team at PN Personnel I am now in a job that I absolutely love. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team to anyone looking for employment in Palmerston North.



Having been made redundant for the first time in my late life I considered many options and while I continued to look for a permanent job, met with Robyn and then Christine from PN Personnel. These two have been wonderful encouragers right from the start and quickly found me two fantastic temp positions. Dealing mostly with Christine, I have found her support, advice and professionalism a breath of fresh air and always felt I could talk about any concerns or thrills with equality and honesty.

The blow of redundancy hit hard but I have been lucky to land on my feet again very quickly with a renewed strength and some great references from my temp positions and the agency.

I would not hesitate recommending PN Personnel to anyone seeking work. Keep up the good work!



From the very beginning my experience with PN Personnel has been nothing short of exceptional. Within 3 weeks of completing full-time study, Cushla and the team were able to assist me in finding permanent full-time employment. They took the time to listen to my aspirations and what I found important in a career and matched my needs every step of the way. Cushla was able to support me throughout the whole process which made for a seamless and successful experience. I highly recommend the team at  PN Personnel.



Being thousands of kilometres from home, as an international student, I found PN Personnel very supportive and professional. Once I was introduced to the team I felt the warmth of welcome like at home.

Then, after I had "registered", I was carefully tested and interviewed by highly experienced recruitment staff where my strengths and weaknesses, professional and personal qualities were perfectly identified.

I believe this benefits both, employees and employers to get a perfect match for a position. PN Personnel were in regular contact with me, in order to have my up-to-date employment status and give temporary solutions, while having in mind my ultimate aim.

As a result, within a short period of time I was lucky enough to have an interview for a position of Accounts Receivable Officer at a reputable Tertiary Institute. Robyn Bills helped me to prepare for the interview and overcome my stress. Hence, I passed the interview smoothly and have been enjoying my new job since February.

I must admit that without PN Personnel Recruitment Specialist's hard work and experience, this mission could be almost impossible for me.

Thank you PN Personnel very much!!!

Proud to be in the team!

Anne Marie

I contacted PN Personnel when my position was made redundant in April of this year. From the first initial contact, I found them to be not only highly professional but also encouraging and supportive.

Within the last 8 months or so, Cushla sourced temporary assignments for me. This provided me with an income whilst working with PN Personnel to find full-time employment. The team provided me with support through the interview process and after being offered a full-time position, they also worked with me to ensure I was happy with my employment contract.

The thing that impressed me about PN Personnel is nothing was ever a problem, they were always welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic.

I would have no reservations in recommending them to anyone seeking either temporary or full-time employment.



I want to thank you so much for all your hard work in helping me find not just a job but a career.

My family and I were wanting to relocate back to Palmerston North but first I wanted to secure employment. PN Personnel were the only company who I contacted which never stopped communicating with me from the very first phone call.

I always found Cushla very friendly, supportive and professional to deal with, and very knowledgeable.

The fact I was living in Tauranga did not slow the process down. I initially had a Skype interview then was put through thorough skills testing and Psychometric Assessments to determine my suitability.

I never thought I would ever be lucky enough to be in a position to receive 2 job offers, but Cushla helped with the entire process.

I truly appreciate all your hard work and time you have put in for me.

Thank you so much!



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