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Your CV – one size does not fit all.

Your CV – one size does not fit all.

CV length and structure can and do make a difference - so should it be a generic CV with all history included? Or should your CV be laser targeted and with as much punch as triple shot espresso?

The answer may surprise you!

The answer is BOTH!

You need a specific highly detailed CV and a generic CV - depending on the role you apply for and your experience level.

Recruiters want all of the information!

If you give your CV to recruitment specialists like PN Personnel, we want your full history and a CV with all of your achievements, roles, certifications and skills... because we are working with multiple clients and different industries.

Saying that - we may ask you to update your CV for specific applications. For example, if you have been on a school board or a trustee who understands governance we may get you to update that information in your CV, we work with certain councils or boards who specifically search for governance experienced people.

Often job seekers don't know the specifics that our clients are finding hard to source!

On the other hand, when we are working with a very detail centric employer we may ask you to remove information that employer would feel is irrelevant. 

Examples are when we are shortlisting individuals for specific IT projects or technical roles.

Tailored CV's

If you apply to a role and you have very specific and relevant experience then, absolutely, include it in your CV. When reading these adverts look at the language and the specifics asked for - if these details are not on your CV then include them, and make sure to communicate details in language similar to the advert.

Never assume the person reading your CV will understand or appreciate the full detail of your previous roles unless you tell them.

Include relevant company details such as size, description and your duties and achievements so a potential employer can understand your contribution to the company.

Cover Letters do not fix bad/lazy CV's

Don't take the lazy path and have one CV you send to all applications, by updating a cover letter. This may make it easy for you but is likely to lead to disappointment - the hiring managers will work with the best applications, and these are often well researched applicants who take the time to present well formatted and complete applications.

Applying for a career role is not to be taken lightly - if you shoot off a very generic CV that has not been tailored to the application for a very detailed and skilled role - it will show. 

Bear in mind - a complex interesting role demands a complex and interesting employee who communicates intelligently and articulately - in the early stages of an application this comes from your CV. So give yourself the best chance possible.

Remember that you will not be the only person applying for a given role - assume that all other applicants are tailoring their CVs and presenting themselves to the best of their ability - you will need your CV to be equally or more suited to the role than theirs! 

If you find you are struggling with your CV, the PN Personnel team recommend Jo Hazlitt from CV Edge


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