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Winter wellness - scents to improve your work and well-being

Winter wellness - scents to improve your work and well-being

A package arrived for me at PN Personnel the other day, containing a number of viles of essential oils.  Essential oils can provide benefits in health and overall wellness. As we head into winter, I have been using my oils to improve memory, concentration and general aches and pains which creep in over the winter months.

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine in which essential oils or scents are used to benefit psychological or physical well-being.  Aromatherapy has been proven to influence and harmonise parts of the brain connected to memory and emotion.

Whilst mainly directed for personal use, these scents can also assist wellness within the workplace.  Different scents can improve memory, alertness and productivity, they can dampen anxiety and help you fight fatigue.  As we head into winter, these oils can assist in overall wellness, fighting colds and mild aches and pains.

Here are my top 10 aromatherapy scents for your winter wellness:

1 - Rosemary: Improves alertness and memory, helps fight fatigue and relieve stress

2 – Wild Orange: Uplifting to the mind and body, supports healthy immune function

3 - Lemon: Promotes concentration and clarity, decreases errors, antiviral properties to help fight colds

4 - Jasmine: Lifts mood and revitalises

5 – Ylang Ylang: Provide antioxidant support, lifts mood while having a calming effect.

6 - Peppermint: Enhances attention for clear thinking and improves memory

7 - Ginger: Helps with fatigue and pain

8 - Eucalyptus: Improves sharpness of mind, relieves respiratory and sinus congestion

9 - Lemongrass: Reduces stress and eases anxiety.

10 - Lavender: Calms nerves, can assist with headaches

Scents can be used in a variety of ways –I find they work best through a diffuser (jasmine, lavender, eucalyptus) or you can even dab a few drops on a cotton wool ball and breathe in to calm your nerves before a big meeting, (I’d recommend Lemongrass).

At work, I enjoy my daily coffee but then swap to peppermint tea in the afternoon, both which can assist with my alertness and concentration.

I use a diffuser at home to relax after a busy day of recruitment. Lavender is one scent you may have heard of, linked to relaxation and easing tensions of the day.  A few drops of lavender oil on your pillowcase can help your body to relax, and your mind to switch off for a better night’s sleep.

I have brought my diffuser to our PN Personnel office (with permission), where I trialled Peppermint and Wild Orange throughout our office.  We found it elevated our mood and increased our productivity.

As we head into winter, we all need to look after ourselves, our colleagues and others around us.  Essential oils have worked for me, let me know if they have worked for you, or if have any of your own winter wellness tricks or tips.

Robyn Bills

Robyn Bills

Robyn brings with her a wealth of local knowledge and connections. She has worked in a range of businesses and industries including; account management/sales (both locally and nationally), healthcare, media, real estate, manufacturing and NZ tourism. This gives Robyn the ability to draw on personal experience and apply these skills to your business or personal situation.

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