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Why we all need to PAUSE

Why we all need to PAUSE

We can all benefit from mindfulness. The opportunity to clear away the “noise” in our head and approach life with a calm and focused perspective.  To acknowledge and manage your emotions and be present in the moment.

As the festive season is upon us, take a mindful approach to appreciate the celebrations and the people surrounding you, to manage your tasks more effectively.

It all starts by taking a PAUSE.

P – Pause
A – Accept
U – You
S – Sigh and smile
E - Engage

Stop what you are doing and pause. Focus your thoughts to where you are right now, take a deep breath, in and out. Sigh as you breathe out to release any stress and tension, and you will be ready to engage.

Mindfulness coach Toby Morland from Studio Rubix says taking a PAUSE and being present in the moment will help you navigate situations in a frame of mind to generate positive outcomes.

“Stay more in the present and the happier you will be.” Toby says.  “The festive season is a particularly busy time of year and you can have a lot of noise in your headspace.  Remember to PAUSE and be present, and in turn you will be more focussed and outcome oriented.”

Improve your communication at work

Toby explains mindfulness techniques improve communications at work.  With self awareness and emotional intelligence you are positioned to deal more effectively with all work, especially if it involves a difficult customer/client or work issue.

“We all feel apprehensive when we know we have to have a tricky conversation, or when we are responding to a difficult email.”

By taking a PAUSE and not reacting immediately, you have time to fully evaluate the situation and enter conversations calmly, with clear purpose and your full attention. 

Use breathing techniques to manage your emotions, particularly when you are under pressure.  Techniques range from counting to meditation. The technique best for you comes down to personal preference.  A 2-minute pause at work may be effective in refocusing your thoughts or you may prefer to take some time at the start or end of the day to meditate and reflect for a longer period of time.

Arrive refreshed

Toby recommends breathing techniques to move from home to work and work to home.  Using breathing techniques during your commute home, allows you to refocus your mind so you walk in the door in a positive frame of mind, no matter what type of day you have had.

Practice gratitude

Take note of three things each day you are grateful for. Writing thoughts on paper is a way to focus on the positives and detach from the negative.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

In completing the Mindfulness workshop with Toby recently, the PN Personnel team benefitted from the techniques and strategies to clear our head noise and be present in the moment. We engage with clarity within our team, with our clients and candidates.  

For local businesses Toby explains the benefit of presenting to a group is the ability to share.  “When I’ve taken a workplace group what I’ve seen afterwards is the team talk about it.  They motivate each other, better understand each other and it has created a positive working environment.”

For individuals, Studio Rubix are running a three-part course starting on November 30th.  Toby can also come to your workplace for a dedicated course delivered to your team.  For more info contact https://studiorubix.co.nz/mindfulness/

Claire Hewson

Claire Hewson

Our resident Managing Director, Claire is our in-house HR practitioner, qualified psychometric assessor and career coach.

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