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Why Jacinda Ardern is a good leader

Why Jacinda Ardern is a good leader

In the wake of a tragedy, the power of positivity, of togetherness and of love has shone through.  Powered by the Prime Minister of one small country, positive leadership has not only provided hope to our nation, but gathered momentum, support and respect from the world.

Our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is leading by example, as the “boss” of our country she continues to demonstrate great leadership, which has become even more evident in times of crisis.

Quoted recently in The Dominion Post Jacinda said “I genuinely believe that all I am modelling are the values of New Zealanders.”

Over the past week the leadership of our Prime Minister has modelled the full range of leadership traits.

Regardless of whether you are a current leader within your business or an aspiring leader, we can all learn from Jacinda’s style of leadership.

Trust and Respect

Leaders earn the trust and respect of their team by treating them with trust and respect.  They will be honest with their opinions, measured with their emotions and follow up on their promises. A good leader cares about their team and has the ability to show they care in an appropriate manner.


Leaders need to communicate effectively to their team, but will also take the time to listen and observe. These communications will be timely and messages will be clear and consistent.  Communications will be inclusive to all relevant people, in business this is likely to include managers, staff, clients and other third parties. 


A leader will be able to make sound and timely decisions based on facts and relevant information. They have the ability to ask questions and consult further to fully understand the outcomes and ramifications of their decisions. A leader will make the decision and make a commitment to seeing it through.


Leaders take responsibility for their actions, for their team and business.  This means celebrating the successes but also recognising and acknowledging any mistakes, being able to take ownership in such a situation and be clear with communications and outcomes flowing on from this.


If you walk in the door to work and the atmosphere is positive, your boss is enthusiastic and motivated, then chances are, this positive feeling will flow through to a positive work culture. Positivity is inspiring, seeing the good in a situation rather than the bad and being able to work through a bad situation and motivate an optimistic outcome is a hugely important trait of a leader. 

Leading with love and not hate has been a key message from the Prime Minister following the recent Christchurch shootings, her responses appropriately emotive and caring.  We have been led with hope amongst the sadness, with swift and decisive action from a confident and constructive leader whose affirmation and assured stance based on love, empathy and togetherness has inspired the nation and the world.

Within our team at PN Personnel we strive to be leaders in our industry, applying these leadership traits in our business dealings with the local business owners and clients we meet with, with our job seekers and within our team.

Read more on Jacinda’s leadership in this article from The Guardian newspaper:


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