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We are Google Compliant

Google made some changes and so have we

We are Google Compliant

Our website is the window to our business. It's where we share amazing jobs for awesome people. It's where we share what the team are doing or has done.

Recently the smart people at Google made some changes to help keep people safe on the net, and naturally we are on board with it...but what changed?

Site Security

Security is important to Google, and they took steps to make sure people have access to safe browsing when using tools like Google's own browser Chrome. They have made Chrome block content that may be unsafe or may carry some risk by not have a site security certificate.


http and https - what does it mean?

We are not techs so we'll keep this simple.

If you go to a site that has https in the URL (like https://pnpersonnel.co.nz/ ) you can feel safe in the knowledge that the website is Secure.

If you go to a site that has http rather than https - you don't have the same level of certainty.

And to help you decide on how much risk you are prepared to take, good web browsers may even block some or all of their content, and ask if you want to "take the risk".


The good news is we have the appropriate security in place.

We have been publishing jobs, blogging and updating our site with things like videos and media content for some time now. In some instances, we may have historical links to a site that has not updated to the new security levels...we literally have hundreds of page now, so it's near impossible to be 100% certain today.

If you stumble across any content or a link that flags an alert - please let us know.

We will review it and either update the links or remove it.


Happy browsing


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