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Understanding body language for effective communications

The Horses Helping Humans programme was founded in Australia in 2006. It combines personality profiling, body language analysis and horsemanship into a results driven communication workshop for personal development and corporate team building.

Kimberley McIntyre is the first accredited facilitator in NZ.  Since 2017 Kimberley has been hosting the workshop from the beautiful Makoura Lodge assisted by a range of four legged friends.

“Horses use 100% body language, whereas humans use over 55%.  Horses make for great teachers as they provide immediate, non-judgemental feedback and are a mirror of what is going on inside of us,” Kimberley says. 

“Our workshops educate people to identify which personality type they are most like.  We take this out to the paddock where we introduce them to our horses, to discover how the horses are able to “listen” through body language alone.”

This non-verbal communication provides insight into how each person uses their own energy, and teaches you to recognise your own body language to assist in the message you are trying to communicate. A simple change in stance can make all the difference. Respect and trust are key to effective communication, and the horses are perfect partners to demonstrate this.

Kimberley says it is important not to forget to breathe.  “Breathing correctly can help you with anxiety, clarity of thought and emotional control. Taking a moment to reposition your body and your mind can make a huge difference in the response you will receive from our horses. You will gain a response not a reaction, which then correlates to human interactions.”

The four horse personality types in the Horses Helping Humans programme align with the four temperaments.  They are:

Sunny: Powerful, dominant with a lot of ambition and confidence.  Sunny’s are natural born leaders, direct in communications and results oriented.

Larry: Relaxed, calm and easy-going.  A Larry will get along with everyone, extremely organised making for a good administrator or mediator.

Mindy: Analytical and task oriented.  A Mindy is caring and considerate of others, deep thinkers and very empathetic.  A nurse can often fit the Mindy profile.

Yogi: Sociable and outgoing, the Yogi will be the social butterfly in the office.  Yogi’s are enthusiastic and motivated, love to be around people and can be easily bored. 

In the PN Personnel office we cover all these personality types, and in working with the horses, Kimberley explained how we can best communicate with each different personality. These communications help not only within our team, but in our business dealings, with family and with friends.


HHH Claire

If you are looking for something a bit different for your team, the Horses Helping Humans workshop is a fantastic team building day in a fun and relaxed environment. No matter the personality types in your business, the workshop is designed to help you understand and identify with your own personality type and others, for better communications built on respect and trust.

Check out Makoura Lodge for more information. 


Claire Hewson

Claire Hewson

Our resident Managing Director, Claire is our in-house HR practitioner, qualified psychometric assessor and career coach.

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