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Top 5 reasons job seekers are attracted to your business.

Top 5 reasons job seekers are attracted to your business.

As the newest Recruitment Specialist in the PN Personnel team, my first few weeks have involved a lot of learning and training. I have met with a wide range of candidates, and whilst these job seekers have vast differences in age, gender, industry background and skill set, some common factors consistently emerge with regards to why a company appeals to them.

Why are applicants attracted to your business? Whilst the job position itself is the catalyst, there are many more reasons candidates consider in their job search including the following...

1 - Business brand and reputation

A solid brand and good reputation are important to job seekers. Companies who are consistent and reliable with their business goals, structure and customer experience are viewed favourably. Many job seekers consider their long-term prospects and seek work with a recognised brand to enhance their CV and personal business reputation.

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2 - Culture

The beliefs, values and personality of a company are very important to job seekers. They want to be supported, encouraged and be part of a positive work environment.

3 - Career Progression

For many of us, the opportunity to continue to develop and nurture our skills, gain new experience and progress in our chosen career is important.

4 – Salary

Salary is significant, but for many it is not the be all or end all. Many job seekers place a good culture, career progression and other non-monetary benefits or rewards above salary expectations.

5 – Flexibility and family friendly

With technology allowing us to communicate in various ways, this has opened up scope from a traditional 9 – 5 workday to flexible hours of work, even a 4 day week. Work from home options are more common and job seekers are attracted to jobs offering better work lifestyles. Flexibility to take time to watch their child at school or sport or to care for a sick family member is a priority for some job seekers.

Thinking about attraction and retention is key to forming successful teams and successful teams lead to successful businesses. As Recruitment Specialists, we represent both your job opportunity and your company to applicants. As the third party we can identify positives you may not have considered important to job seekers, and can add value to your attraction strategies.

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