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Cutting Cakes - an indication of positive employment in Manawatu

on Monday, 12 June 2017. Posted in Our News, News for Employees, Thumbs Up, Recruitment News

Economic Development is alive in Manawatu

Cutting Cakes - an indication of positive employment in Manawatu

Cutting cakes seems an unusual economic indicator, but there's a story behind each and every cake. 

And especially this cake!

Last week I had the pleasure of a morning tea at CEDA. 

This morning tea was significant because it was for three new employees at our region's Economic and Regional Development Agency a.k.a. CEDA.

Firstly, a big congratulations to these employees tasked with helping our region grow and foster:

  1. Mahalee - CEDA Digital Marketer
  2. Brian - Regional Business Advisor
  3. Jack - Social Media Co-ordinator (not in the photo)

It was awesome to see your enthusiam and focus - it's why you slotted into the CEDA Team.

Why this is significant:

And if you wonder if you should join the CEDA team, try this link:


We think this is a very positive sign for CEDA as an organisation and the region.


But there is more!

We connected with one of the team and had a deep and meaningful about the state of Research and Development in the region. 

We walked away from CEDA feeling PUMPED!

There is so much positive activity in the regional economy, and with the level of R&D and commercialisation happening, there is a lot more to come.

There is a lot of R&D, Commercialisation and Innovation happening behind closed doors. We have good numbers of businesses exporting, manufacturing and "doing the business". 


We were left with the impression that business owners, managers and start-ups would do very well by connecting with the fantatsic, energetic team at CEDA, as they have access to great information and ways to obtain funding for relevant business activity!

Manawatu and Palmerston North City are in great hands.




Robyn Bills

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