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8 tricks for an irresistible job advert

on Thursday, 08 May 2014. Posted in Thumbs Up, Recruitment News

The good folks at Linkedin supplied some great tips we thought we should share

8 tricks for an irresistible job advert

Attracting the perfect person to your role is a science - you can get it really wrong, and cost yourself time, money and stress in the process.

The good people at Linkedin share resources for time to time and we thought this was helpful so we have reproduced it for you but........with relevance to our market.

Linkedin provided 7 Tricks for an Irresistible Job Description (the link is below) or read the following:

1. Save the creativity for the Job Description not the Job Title

Don't attempt intellectual acrobatics when giving a job title. If applicants aren't searching for your job title - they may never read your advert or click to read further.

Sometimes standard labels and commonly used words really work best. 

2. Use a conversational tone

Write as you speak - the applicants will react to you as though you are speaking to them. If you talk down to them or make it too academic you may make them disengage.

Straight to the point, accessible and approachable works really well for us. You can always add colour or bold for stylistic flair.

3. Promote your employer brand

For employees to engage with your firm they want to love what they do, who they work for and espcially if they feel valued. Paint the picture of what it is like at your company, why people enjoy working there and why they stay. Don't over-promise though. If you over pitch your company and the role - you end up hurting your employer brand rather than helping it.

4. Highlight the Positions Impact

Great job seekers are proactive and positive people who want to make an impact. Explain what they can achieve, why they matter and new skills they will learn.

Be honest and don't copy from someone elses adverts - make it match this specific role.

5. Give high priority positions extra oomph!

It is not rocket science - if you make your vacancy stand out - more people see it, more people apply and they do it faster! It is more likely to be a successful campaign.

6. Experiment with New Formats

Bring your roles to life with new formats - infographics and videos have worked well for us. So have using the channels where your audience is most likely to look for their next role. 

7. Make it Mobile-Friendly

Every day the chance increases that your role will be searched for and read via mobiles, tablets and laptops.

The smaller screens mean you need to have tools that are accessible and functional in the mobile world. AVOID THE MOBILE WORLD AT YOUR PERIL - your next employees are increasingly likely to be Gen Y! They live on their mobiles and tablets.


8. Use a Professional Recruiter who does all of these for you

Palmerston North Personnel Ltd provide all of the above more, so you don't have to worry about managing them.

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