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The shared attributes of a recruiter and an Olympian

The shared attributes of a recruiter and an Olympian

When you break it all down, the job of a recruiter has very similar attributes to that of an Olympian.  Whilst few of us can claim to be elite sportspeople, the underlying qualities of an Olympian are relevant in the workplace. This is certainly true for recruitment. You may find the same might be true for you in your job.

Our top 6 attributes of an Olympian we embrace as recruiters:

  1.  Work ethic
    You need a solid work ethic to begin with. Those who are not prepared to give it their all, won’t succeed in recruitment.

  2. Being coachable
    It doesn’t matter whether you are at the top of your career, or just starting out, you will improve and develop if you are open to positive and constructive feedback. Recruiters are open to learning, with the team consistently engaging in workshops, training and forums to continually upskill and hone existing skills. Like Olympians with their coaches, all recruiters benefit from leadership and advice.

  3. Mental toughness
    Recruitment is an industry where you do need to roll with the punches. No matter how well you plan, there are times when things do not go your way, and you need to be able to deal with this and keep moving forward towards your finish line (a successful recruit).

  4. Ability to set and achieve goals
    Like Olympians, recruiters have goals.  Weekly goals, monthly goals, individual goals, team goals and organisational goals.  Our goal is to achieve and exceed.
  1. Consistency
    Taking a consistent approach gives you confidence in your abilities and a pathway for success. Our robust recruitment solutions may differ in the detail but are underpinned by proven recruitment techniques and processes.
  1. Competitiveness
    You need to have a desire to succeed, a half-hearted approach does not make for a successful recruiter or Olympian.  As recruiters we strive to be the best in the business and top of our game.

Enjoy what you do, and when it’s time to find something new, come and talk to your recruitment team at PN Personnel. I believe you need to #loveyourwork

If you find you can tick off these boxes, have you ever considered a career in recruitment?  We’re looking for the next champion in our team, and I’m always open to a confidential chat to explore if this could be your next career opportunity. Go for it!

Cushla Brasell

Cushla Brasell

Cushla effortlessly tackles our fast paced industry with her pro-active nature. She is dedicated to delivering Temporary and Permanent recruitment solutions every time and is committed to understanding your expectations to ensure the right fit.

Cushla always has a positive upbeat attitude and is never too busy to hear from you, so call her today for a confidential chat.


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