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Why you need to be a strategic recruiter

Why you need to be a strategic recruiter

Senior managers often delegate recruitment to less senior staff when they need a job recruited. These staff are given the job requirements, the expected outcome and taught the process to follow.

This Regimental Recruitment system may secure you a new employee, but does it allow for you to attract and recruit the best person for your business?






Does this Regimental Recruitment approach sound familiar?

  1. Staff member "A" resigns
  2. Manager "B" gets their job description including duties, responsibilities and salary bands
  3. "B" meets the "recruiter" and tell them about the job details ie tasks, outcomes, skills required
  4. The "recruiter" takes the "job details" and converts job description into an advert and quickly gets it online a.k.a. "copy and paste"
  5. The "recruiter" receives and assesses the applications against the "job details"
  6. The best three are invited for an interview and the others are sent a rejection email
  7. "B" interviews the top three
  8. Reference checks are done on the preferred person by "recruiter"
  9. "B" offers the job to the preferred person
  10. "Recruiter" rejects the two who missed out
  11. The successful applicant turns up and signs their contract on their first day with "B"

Here's where strategic recruitment comes in...

The approach above is often adequate and gets the role filled but at a huge opportunity cost.

A strategic recruiter is empowered to engage in meaningful employment discussions with you, your team and then with your potential team members. By first, fully understanding where your business is now, where it is heading, and the type of team you need to get there, your strategic recruiter can give you far wider choices that have potential to add significant value to you and your organisation.

Strategic Recruitment is about constantly attracting talent, talent pooling and matching talent to opportunities. A strategic recruiter will present "outside of the box" opportunities to employers and employees to consider. Forming and maintaining this deep understanding of your whole situation, coupled with personally engaging with high quality / high potential job seekers for you. 

"Strategic Recruitment ultimately enhances your Employment Brand"

Strategic Recruiters have expertise and experience in understanding:

  • How active searchers find roles - where they look and how they look
  • Which roles are hard to source
  • Which roles have high supply
  • When to recruit to fill your roles
  • Current recruitment advertising / attraction / sourcing trends
  • What opportunities make passive searchers become active applicants
  • Why you should not assess job applicants solely on CV's
  • Why all job applicants deserve professional communication
  • Modern sourcing tools and techniques and which ones to apply for your situation
  • Specialty recruitment tools

Delegating recruitment to inexperienced recruiters (internal or external) using regimental processes will NOT get you the best talent.

A strategic recruiter can look beyond a poorly written CV, spot "under-stated talent" and test a job seeker's true potential before presenting only the very best applicants to you.

If you would like to try a strategic approach for your next recruitment, talk to us at PN Personnel.

Matt Smout

Matt Smout

Having extensive experience as an end to end recruiter, account manager, people leader and in business development – Matt has excellent knowledge of the 360-degree recruitment process and how to partner to understand your business and add real value.

Passionate about what he does Matt gets a real buzz from getting to know his client’s business and assisting their growth by providing tailored talent solutions.

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