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The new way of working…from home

The new way of working…from home

If someone said I would have spent the last month working from home last year, I would have laughed at them.  In recruitment, our business is people, meeting with employers and employees daily. Going from a physical face to face meeting to a video meeting is a big change.  Luckily, we have the tools to work effectively; laptop, second screen, access to all the files and programmes we need to deliver the same quality standard of our recruitment services.

The PN Personnel team shares their thoughts on the good, the bad and what may be helpful to you…

The number one benefit of working from home is the flexibility of your time to spend time with family and pets.   Half the team advocated sticking to their daily routine and wake-up time, the rest of us have admitted a lack of commute meant we can enjoy a sleep-in!

Other positives include:

  • No interruptions or getting side-tracked has equalled greater productivity!
  • Being able to have an in-depth and engaging conversation because there are no other distractions
  • Casual day most days – the team admitted t-shirts, tracksuit pants and slippers were in, make up was out!
  • Using technology to its full potential – conducting meetings over Zoom and going completely paperless (I don’t have a printer!)
  • Fitting in exercise and getting outside
  • Easier to keep up with housework

Missing the team and social interaction was the number one dislike to working from home.  When you have amazing work colleagues you really miss them and the office banter!

Also mentioned was:

  • No one encouraging me to take a break or have a cuppa with them
  • More distractions at home – pets, kids, partners
  • The realisation you work better when you are surrounded by a busy team!
  • Missing the gym at lunchtime
  • Missing coffee and a yummy lunch made by someone else
  • Feeling frumpy because of your casual presentation

Set yourself up for success from home – helpful tips from the team:

  • Ensure you have some type of dedicated workspace with your desk, laptop, screen etc. Closing this off when you finish work.
  • Routine and structure – set times for work and stick to them.
  • Stay connected – pick up the phone, organise video meetings or a chat to check in on how others are coping
  • Schedule regular meetings with team members to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals and priorities.
  • Take breaks – stop to do one of your household chores, make a cuppa, sit outside and eat your lunch. Step away the computer.

Make the most of the positives, work out a schedule which works for you within your working from home environment.  Enjoy the extra time working from home provides and make the most of it with your family and pets.  Stay connected to people outside your bubble.

Remember we are in this together. If you have a recruitment question or need advice we are more than happy to take your call and point you in the right direction.
We’ve got this!

Christine Hanning

Christine Hanning

Constantly providing an exceptional level of service and professionalism in all aspects of her work, Christine takes a genuine interest in whom she works with and is committed to achieving success.

Give Christine a call to discuss options around what you want to achieve in your career and she will endeavour to achieve that 'win-win solution' that's right for you.


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