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Temporary workers are important in the workplace

Temporary workers are an essential part of many businesses. They can provide additional support, expertise and talent to an organisation's existing permanent team and add value to achieving organisational objectives.

Temporary workers are important in the workplace

We at Palmerston North Personnel support employment and our local economy by attracting and engaging potential temporaries or contractors who all possess a specific skill, quality or attribute that can potentially add value to our local business community.

Temporary staff are important for our local businesses because their skills are required:

  • seasonally to cover busy periods
  • to cover leave
  • to cover sickness
  • to complete project work
  • to undertake a specialised need

We value our pool of temporary workers who play a key role in filling a gap in the workplace. Palmerston North Personnel has a reputation for working with high-quality temporary staff. We have long term relationships with outstanding contractors who are specialised in their work and deliver specific project outcomes to a business need.

In the last 12 months we have placed 380 candidates in temporary work assignments and 146 in permanent positions.

Temporary work assignments can range from a short term (1/2 day stint), to longer term (covering maternity leave or seeing a project through to fruition).

Temporaries make themselves available for work for a number of reasons:

  • they are new to the area
  • they are seeking a change in their career path or new challenges
  • they are a specialist in their field and work on contract in a variety of work engagements
  • due to personal circumstances they have an employment gap (ie: they have just returned from travel)
  • by choice – temporary assignments best fit their lifestyle
  • they are returning to the workforce having taken time to study or support their family

Palmerston North Personnel place an average of 7 jobseekers each week in temporary employment.


Temp to Perm

Temping is a wonderful way to get your foot in the door with a company and see if the company brand and culture is a fit with your own work values. We have had many temps who have started with companies and the fit has been found to be perfect, with regards to not only their skills and abilities for the job but also their personality and fit within the wider team.


Speed is of the essence

Our Recruitment Specialists meet with job seekers daily, who are assessed and qualified before becoming part of our talent pool. This means we are ready for action when the call comes in from an employer looking for staff, and can provide the right person quickly, saving the employer a lengthy recruitment search.


Easy for the employer

All employment agreements and management of sick leave, annual leave and KiwiSaver is managed by Palmerston North Personnel. We manage all the paperwork side and the employer receives a tidy invoice at the end of the week. As the middle man between our temporary or contractor and the employer, the employer has peace of mind we will have a suitable person on assignment, when required to complete the required task. We manage the pay and any queries related to the job via our online timesheeting system.


Security for the temp

It is also peace of mind for a temporary worker, with their employment agreement between them and Palmerston North Personnel. This gives the temp the confidence the conditions and salary will be upheld, and if the timesheet has been submitted, the temp will be paid accurately and on time.

A temp may work several assignments at different companies, but the agreement will remain the same with Palmerston North Personnel, with the finer details of the arrangement with regards to hours, location, duties and hourly rate that will differ.


Quality temps when you need them

Palmerston North Personnel continues to work with a talented pool of temporary staff available to fill a huge range of business needs. Temporary staff are integral to the New Zealand workforce and will continue to play an important role in our local businesses. Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask about any of our wonderful temps we currently have on offer.


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Jo Norman

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