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Switch off over Christmas

Switch off over Christmas

For some of us, business will close over the Christmas break, allowing time to spend with family and friends. But do you really take the time to switch off?  We share our top tips to enjoy the festive season.

1 – Prepare and prioritise – often you cannot complete everything on your to-do list prior to your holiday, so prioritise your tasks, complete those must-do’s and leave those which can wait. 

2 – Prepare your mind – the purpose of the break is to be able to relax, spend time away from your workplace and your day to day duties.  It can be hard to stop thinking about work and it can require conscious thought to remind ourselves we need a break to recharge for the New Year.  

3 – Communication - set your emails to an out of office message and change your phone message to reflect you are entirely uncontactable over this time, or advise you are on leave and will only be checking messages sporadically.  If you can, remove your work email from your phone, so you won’t be tempted to check in.  Speak to relevant clients / people and let them know when you will be on leave and when you will return to work. 

4 – Schedule time if you really must check in.  If you cannot entirely switch off, then only switch on at a set time each day – to review your emails or clear phone messages, but only as an absolute necessity.

5 – Digital detox, if Ed Sheeran can do it for a year, you can do it for the Christmas Break – switch it off. All of it. The social media, the Facebook, the Instagram, the Snapchat, even the TV….take a break, connect with family and friends and connect with yourself.

The holiday break can be an excellent time to reflect on personal goals and aspirations for 2019 and beyond. Whether it is work related or personal goals, give yourself the chance and the time to evaluate your thoughts and consider what is important to you.

Our PN Personnel office will be closed from 4pm Friday 21 December 2018 and re-open on Monday 7 January 2019.   We recognise not everyone shuts down over this time so we always provide emergency contact details via our phone messages and on our out of office emails.

From all the PN Personnel team we wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to working with you in 2019. 


Claire Hewson

Claire Hewson

Our resident Managing Director, Claire is our in-house HR practitioner, qualified psychometric assessor and career coach.

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