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Should you include your photo in your CV? I have the answer.

Should you include your photo in your CV? I have the answer.

I went along to an evening hosted by the Network of Skilled Migrants Manawatu to provide advice and tips on writing a CV. I was asked if you should include your photo in your CV, which sparked a bit of discussion amongst ourselves.

This question recently arose in the office, and from this PN Personnel team poll, the response was unanimous. A resounding NO!

You should NOT include your photo on your CV. Here’s why...

Your CV is a professional document, depicting your details, experience and qualifications to a potential employer.

The main reason we say you should not include a photo in your CV comes down to the appropriateness and quality of the photo.

A selfie or your favourite holiday snap does not make for a good CV photo.

Whilst the pro-photo argument for including your photo is to stand out from amongst other CVs and be remembered by a potential employer, the reality is this...

A bad photo will promote the wrong first impression.

Unless you have had a photo professionally taken – for the purposes of work, then leave it out!

Even if you have had a professional photographer come in to take family snaps, including the photo of you with your eldest child’s head half in the photo does not to add quality to your CV.

We say this because we read a lot of CVs. Many people do include a photo, but rarely do we see a photo which enhances a CV. Normally a photo will be of either poor quality, badly shot or generally inappropriate for the specific purposes of the CV, which is to secure your next career opportunity.

Let the words in your CV do the talking and leave the photo out.

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Christine Hanning

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