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Robots, Software & Recruitment

Robots, Software & Recruitment

The human touch is disappearing as technology provides efficiency and cost savings. Robots manufacture vehicles, ATM machines streamline banking, self-service aisles at supermarkets are making their presence felt... we all have felt the impact of these.

Will it happen to recruitment? Yes it will, but not when it matters and here's why....

Technology Is Already In HR and Recruitment

Job applicants are already applying to jobs managed by software to help streamline the application process, save the employer money, promising to capture better people and get improved reporting. That is happening right now globally, in NZ and right here in Manawatu.

It is doing all of these things - most of the time!


The Personal Touch

These systems, applications, apps and tools are only as good as the way they are set up or configured. If your organisation setup is poor and your competitor's setup is better they are likely to steal the best talent right from under your nose by using higher quality systems.

Recently, we have been working with some businesses who use these technologies and tools - the feedback is most of the time they get good people, and when they don't they use consultative recruitment specialists to hit the mark.


Consultative Services Offer A Different Experience

Consider tax time, any self-respecting person can complete their own tax return or finances and many use similar online tools for their businesses including things like payroll too. You can use software like XERO, MYOB, ACE Payroll to do the heavy lifting and save time, use templates for regular transactions and good setups will have well formatted invoices, payslips and communications (normally emails).

Recruitment software can do similar things, matching applicants to the jobs they applied for, using templates for contracts, emails, letters and the regular steps.

Having specialists with market skills and knowledge adds increased value through a range of additional factors including things like (please bear in mind this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Having intuition and trained/experienced interviewers being able to read body language in interviews - spotting pressure points or inconsistencies 
  • Interpreting CV's - skilled recruiters seeing the gold in the person who has a poor CV but great skills
  • Sourcing techniques - when all accounting firms want CA Accountants how do you become the accountant of choice in the eyes of the individuals? Use innovative sourcing -that's how.
  • Negotiation and market rates - are you paying market rates? How do you know? Are you prepared to offer a low package just to see the best person go to your competitor's firm?
  • Up to date training and knowledge - seasoned recruiters will reach and connect prime employees with professional approaches when they have the "ideal career role" - these people are "passive jobseekers" who are not looking at all, maybe without CV's and certainly not applying to adverts


Extra Normal Situations

When there are talent shortages, the best employees get snapped up fast or simply stay put. Experienced recruiters know what the best employees actually want from their next role - sure money is important but many of our most skilled productive employees in Manawatu would move for:

  • Employment that is secure
  • Work that is engaging
  • A manager that listens and genuinely values the employee
  • The opportunity for personal growth - whether that is skill growth or career growth
  • Flexible work hours to meet changing family dynamics eg. children, travel, sport


Many employers regularly hire after using average interviews, great CV's and poor background checks/verifications - experienced and intuitive recruiters often know who not to employ as they also manage networks and balance applications against "market feedback" - I am yet to find automated tools that do that!

Imagine third party recruiters who use the interpersonal skills mentioned above and apply the technical benefits of bespoke recruitment software - that is a powerful mix.


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