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Skilled Aucklanders Migrate To The Regions

on Monday, 25 July 2016. Posted in Reasons to live, work and play in Manawatu, Recruitment News

The NZ Herald reports a southerrn migration - why?

The NZ Herald reports that a Brain Drain is starting in Auckland. In essence talented, knowledgeable people are moving out of Auckland and into the regions. 

Why? And are there positives?

The NZ Herald article "Auckland's housing crisis creating brain drain" (linked below) refers to a recent survey asking whether Auckland based businesses were struggling to attract or retain quality talent.

The trend was pretty strong that most surveyed had identified difficulty attracting quality people - across industries.

Reasons indicated included:

  1. "...they know they won't be able to afford to live here"
  2. The regions were offering better work-life balance
  3. Median house prices were 10 times the median income
  4. Workers in Auckland rental properties were moving more regularly and needing more time off to move
  5. Auckland traffic was driving absenteeism and lateness
  6. Workplace morale was being undermined as employee stress was rising
  7. Organisation were questioning whether to relocate their businesses

Are there any positives?

For the workers and business owners who make the decision to move "YES".


Consider life in the regions:

Using this page for source data 

Median House Price: Palmerston North is $289,325 vs $796,649 for Auckland 

Median Household Income: Palmerston North $79,533 vs $85,212 for Auckland

Using this very simple litmus test - $5,679 of extra income in Auckland is having to help service a mortgage on more than $500,000 of house... that is simply mad!

You can see more compelling reasons to live, work and play in the regions at 

Get more time for living, move to the regions!

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