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Ready To Get Engaged?

on Thursday, 21 July 2016. Posted in Our News, Reasons to live, work and play in Manawatu, Recruitment News

Phones, emails and websites are essential in today's world of recruitment.

Ready To Get Engaged?

There's no denying phones, emails and websites are essential tools in your recruitment tool bag. But there is one thing that really gets job seekers fully engaged in your roles...

Being Present!

Looking through the eyes of a job seeker - the largest gaps in many job opportunities is an impersonal connection between the person managing the recruitment drive and the job seeker (who may or may not have applied to the job).

Having a physical presence in Palmerston North allows our team of recruiters to have personal connections with amazing local people who are looking for their next career role right here.

By being physically present we get to meet them, answer their questions first-hand and personally give them a first-hand account of the culture and environment on offer for our client's role. And this matters!


I know this because GOOGLE TELLS ME

Recently Google Analytics tell me we have more than 3,000 visits to our website each month looking at our jobs and services. But more importantly, Google statistics tell me people are taking the next step by engaging with our team by calling our phones, and checking our physical location.


I know this because job seekers tell us

One of the pet hates for job seekers is not being able to talk to anyone, not having the opportunity to ask a question before applying or asking for feedback on why they are not the right person. 


Our team get people engaged through personal connections - allowing our employers to focus on their business, until they meet the most talented, and engaged people for their opportunity.

By being present in Palmerston North we spend time with local people every day - engaging with them for the benefit of local employers!

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