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How to build a successful work team

on Thursday, 12 April 2018. Posted in Our News, Recruitment News

How to build a successful work team

There is no “I” in team. Cliché but true. A successful work team is the result of collaboration and input from many individuals, not just one. A successful work team means a successful working organisation.

What are the elements to achieve success? Here are a couple of key attributes every successful work team will have:


Clear, open and honest communication, with the ability to discuss ideas and opinions, to listen to others and to share and receive feedback from team members. Communication is essential to ensure everyone is on the right track with daily work tasks, whilst working towards the overall goals of the organisation. Poor communication quickly transcends into workplace chaos, resulting in incomplete work tasks, negativity and confusion.


Goals focussed

A good team will aspire to achieve team goals via team contribution and individual contribution to the team objective. A clear plan identifying the functions of each team member results in clearly defined roles and responsibilities contributing to achieving the team’s overall objective.


Sharing and supporting

As a team, members have their own place within the team, with their own tasks and duties - just like a sports team with players in set positions. To be like the All Blacks, a team must work together, share ideas, support each other and be committed to the success of the organisation. Supporting each other not only helps your colleagues but the team and organisation.

Not only that, but a team built on the ability to share and support each other is enviable to others on the outside, a united front results in business confidence and a reputable business brand. A disjointed and disgruntled team is much less likely to succeed.


Celebrate differences

Not everyone in your team will be the same, nor should they be. Diversity in a team involving a range of people from different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds brings with it a range of unique experiences and knowledge. Everyone in the team, no matter their position within the organisation will have unique and individual skill sets. Recognising and utilising these strengths and differences will result in a well-rounded and balanced team.



Behind every good team will be a motivated and inspiring leader. This individual will be someone both respected and trusted by the team members, someone who identifies and develops the strengths and manages the weaknesses within the team. A good leader will listen, encourage and motivate, possessing exceptional communication skills which flow through to positive and respectful communication within the team.



As an organisation you might have a sound business plan but unless you have a strategy to achieve these goals and objectives the plan is useless. Good organisational skills mean all team members have clear direction on their tasks and duties and the timeframes in which they are required. Team meetings are a good way to ensure the team are meeting their required tasks to achieve the common goal.


A good team knows how to have fun!

Social connections within and out of the office are crucial to developing a solid and effective team. A team that works hard, should also allow themselves time to enjoy each others company and celebrate their successes. Spending time together socially can foster a positive working relationship. Team building days can result in increased productivity and a more cohesive working team. Celebrating success or achieving a goal is also important as a way to thank the team, take a moment to stop, recharge and reflect before tackling the next goal or objective.

Looking at our team at Palmerston North Personnel I am proud to lead such an outstanding team, whose continued enthusiasm, motivation and commitment has contributed to our business success and reputation for providing the highest standard of recruitment services.

It is important to us at Palmerston North Personnel to also give back to the community, one such initiative is assisting with the Meals on Wheels service. Not only are we contributing to the community in a positive and meaningful way, it also allows two of us at a time to take a break from our daily tasks, and together do something different.

We celebrate our success within our own team and our wider team. Our Recruitment Specialists always enjoy delivering a cake to a successful applicant to share over morning tea with them and their new team.

For 17 years my team at Palmerston North Personnel has provided professional, confidential, recruitment services in the region. This year we welcomed our two newest members to our team, Matt and Jason, and look forward to continued success with them.

Source: Undercover Recruiter

Claire Hewson BBS

Managing Director

Our resident Managing Director, Claire is our in-house HR practitioner, qualified psychometric assessor and team manager.

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