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Manawatu and Horowhenua are on the up

on Friday, 02 June 2017. Posted in Our News, Reasons to live, work and play in Manawatu, News for Employees, Recruitment News

There is data - this is not just a feeling

Manawatu and Horowhenua are on the up

We have recently been working with CEDA (and still have some great roles there for people who really love the economic development space), and are aware of some research CEDA had commissioned in 2016. Recently, I heard David Clapperton (CEO Horowhenua District Council) share whats happening in neighbouring Horowhenua.

It was pleasing to get an email today with data showing this Horowhenua trend too.

We have been saying employment vacancies are high - as we write this there are close to 1100 vacancies in the Wanganui-Manawatu region on our two major job-boards.

This is both fantastic and challenging, as it says businesses are employing, expanding and diversifying - often on the back of the construction and roading sector growth.

I can also share that this means our team are busy partnering with employers to make their roles the roles of choice in attracting and securing the best applicants/employees. We're pumped about that!

It's fantastic there is so much growth and positive employment happening!

Horowhenua District Council shared some data on what's happening there, and it was the sort of information David Clapperton shared.

You can access that here: HDC Research

You can easily see unemployment down, housing sales up and a whole lot of other trends showing growth.


CEDA also commissioned some research last year to understand what was happening for employers in the region and their pressure points, and to understand where they can best add value.

You can see that here: CEDA Research

The number 1 pressure point for businesses (49% of respondents) was:

Finding skilled or Specialist Staff


The challenge for NZ, Manawatu and our local businesses - how to attract these staff in a competitive market.


Here's three tips:

  1. Consider the employment market regionally, if not nationally for skills - for skill-short trades, consider international employment trends (e.g. wages, conditions, housing affordability) and work with it logically
  2. Invest in engaging employment branding and position your roles as the roles of choice
  3. Get your recruiting systems organised - be responsive, professional and nimble enough to employ scarce skills quickly


The conversations are happening out there about these pressures, and it's great to see now there are multiple sources of tangible data out there to support what we have been feeling.

Let's do something about it and make Manawatu - Wanganui the region of choice for employees, families and businesses.


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