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Questions you need to ask in your next job interview

Questions you need to ask in your next job interview

An interview is a two-way street, for the employer to assess your suitability for the role and vice versa.  Whilst most of the questions are targeted at the interviewee, the employer often (and should) give the opportunity to be asked a question or two.

Phrasing your questions correctly does require a little preparation but having a couple ready is much easier than trying to come up with something on the spot. 

You want to ask questions to determine if the position advertised really is the right one for you.  It is your opportunity to learn additional information about the role, the company and its people to weigh up the pros and cons of the role.

Furthermore, from the employer’s perspective, asking an insightful question demonstrates you have researched the role and can leave a positive impression.

When asked “do you have any questions for us?”

Answer Yes!

This is your opportunity to show you have a genuine interest and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role and the company.

This is your chance to show you have taken some time do some research, asking a thoughtful question can set you apart from other interviewees.

Prepare your questions

In preparing a couple of questions to have to ask, I recommend you ensure they are open-ended questions.  This keeps the conversation flowing and ensures you are obtaining much more detail about the company and the role than you can obtain from a yes/no answer.

Base your questions around the company, the team, the role and the culture. Here are a couple of suggestions to ask:

  • Can you tell me why this role has become available?
  • What are your expectations from the person in this role?
  • What would make someone successful in this role?
  • Who would I report to in this position?
  • Does this role have a handover period?
  • Do you offer professional development and training?
  • What is a typical career path for someone in this role?
  • What do you consider the biggest challenges the company is facing?
  • What are the future goals for the company?
  • How would you describe your company culture?
  • How many people work at the company and how does this role fit in the organisation?
  • What do you enjoy about working at the company?

If you can add facts about the company (to show you have done your homework) this will be very favourable to an employer.

One final question

An employer may conclude the interview nicely, but you do want to leave an interview with an understanding of timeframes for feedback, confirmation or rejection of the role.  Ask:

  • What is your timeline for next steps in the interview process?

This will position the recruitment for you so you can make your own plans, as you may have other opportunities or commitments. 

You should be able to walk out of the interview knowing if the role and company fit with your own values and ideals. 

Want the job? Say just that!

Always tell the interviewer if you want the job. “I really want this job”. 

Spelling it out reinforces your commitment and enthusiasm for the role. Remember the interview is a two-way street, just as you will be looking for confirmation, the interviewer is seeking for the same from you.

Robyn Bills

Robyn Bills

Robyn brings with her a wealth of local knowledge and connections. She has worked in a range of businesses and industries including; account management/sales (both locally and nationally), healthcare, media, real estate, manufacturing and NZ tourism. This gives Robyn the ability to draw on personal experience and apply these skills to your business or personal situation.

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