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Protect your Employment Brand with Proactive Rejections

Saying no is as critical as saying yes to the right person!

Protect your Employment Brand with Proactive Rejections

The fact is when you are recruiting you need to be abkle to say "No" more than you say yes. If you have 50 applicants for one position - you will say no to 49 of these applications. So do it well.

I was prompted to discss this after reading a recent Seek article online.

See the link below 

The article raises some good points about "why" but doesn't share "how ".

Recruiting is more than just a process

We need to acknowledge that as a business it is a careful process that you go through to source, assess and then successfuly  hire a team member - then on-board them with inductions, training and strategies to fully integrate them into your team.

But for the individuals that you most want to bring into your team it's a much deeper, more personal and a more emotional experience. Let's say that again "for engaged career-seekers it is an emotional experience".





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