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PN Personnel’s tips to be a LinkedIn All Star

PN Personnel’s tips to be a LinkedIn All Star

You have a strong LinkedIn profile, (if you would like to check see our previous blogs on getting started Part 1 and Part 2), but want to maximise your connections, networking and LinkedIn opportunities.  Here are some ideas to get you going and a checklist to enhance your existing profile…

Check, review and update

It is worth reviewing all your information for accuracy starting with your contact details.  Your headline may need revision. Your current employment may not have changed, yet you may have completed a project or have an accomplishment you can add to your experience section.  You may have moved and can update your location information.

Review your skills and endorsements

You may have some new skills to add or want to prioritise your skills.  Colleagues past and present along with close business contacts are a good starting point for endorsements. You can prioritise your endorsements so the most valid are first and foremost.

Ask for two recommendations

One of the easiest ways to stand out from the rest when applying for jobs on LinkedIn is to have one or two relevant recommendations included in your profile.  This article explains how to approach a contact for a recommendation request.  You can also manage your recommendations to show the ones you want to show.

Reach out

The minimum number of connections recommended is 50.  If you are yet to reach this number set aside some time regularly to reach out to people in industries you are interested in or want to work in.

Check who is looking at your profile – you may want to reach out to them by taking a proactive approach.

Use the search bar to find people in your preferred industry.  Connecting in with them might be the conversation starter to open a new job opportunity for you.

Search also on companies or groups you are interested in and join up to these.

Curate your newsfeed

Tailor your newsfeed to what is of interest to you and your career, you can click the “…” to the right of the post and choose an action from here to follow, unfollow or report the post. By curating your newsfeed you can save time in letting LinkedIn know the types of information valuable to you.

Posting on LinkedIn

The general rule of thumb is to post 3 – 5 times per week.  Ideally one post a day is plenty.  Quality will always trump quantity. Consistency also allows you to develop and build your network.

Use video

LinkedIn loves a video.  Combine this with adding value to someone else, if you are a manager you might like to add a video on how you have successfully inspired a team. Make a video to demonstrate your expertise in your industry and share with your network.

Engage in LinkedIn conversations

LinkedIn expressions (like/celebrate/love/insightful/curious) are not weighted, so it doesn’t matter if you use like versus love for the LinkedIn algorithm, it views this all the same.

Comments are superior to likes and shares – keep the conversation going, add your opinion, tag relevant people to the conversation, add a link or screenshot, add relevant facts or share your experience.  I recommend using a combination of the above in your engagement.

You should now be an All Star!

If you have included the following:

  • profile picture
  • updated your URL
  • added your industry
  • customised your headline
  • added to your About and Experience (with three jobs listed)
  • education
  • at least 5 skills
  • connections of 50+ people

If you are short on a few connections feel free to connect with the team at PN Personnel.

You should now have a well-crafted and polished LinkedIn profile – well done All Star! 

Christine Hanning

Christine Hanning

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