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PN Personnel close to Living Wage Goal

PN Personnel close to Living Wage Goal

Last year we discussed the Living Wage, what is was, and why we at PN Personnel feel it is important.   We shared our goal to employ 100% of our temporary staff at or above the Living Wage rate of $20.55 by the end of 2019, and we are extremely close to achieving this!

The Living Wage is currently $20.55 per hour.  It is a voluntary hourly rate of pay to enable lower income earners the ability to afford the basic necessities in life such as food, transportation, housing and childcare.

Our Recruitment Specialists consistently promote and educate the employers and businesses we work with on the benefits of employing staff at the Living Wage rate.

In December 2018 PN Personnel employed 84% or our temporary staff at or above the Living Wage.

We are delighted to report that currently in April 2019, 92% of PN Personnel temporary staff are employed at the equivalent of the Living Wage of $20.55.

In addition to this 99% our temporary staff receive an income higher than the minimum wage of $17.70.

The Living Wage is reviewed in April each year. Following the review and in line with average wage movement the Living Wage rate is set to rise to $21.15 in September 2019.  It is expected that all accredited Living Wage businesses will increase their Living Wage rates for employees at this time, if they have not done so already.

PN Personnel will continue working with businesses in support of the Living Wage rate.

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Nicola Burton

Nicola Burton

Meeting people, building solid relationships and understanding human behaviour are skills which have drawn Nicola to PN Personnel.

Nicola has the knack of asking the right questions to fully understand a position, person and business.


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