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on Tuesday, 17 October 2017. Posted in Our News, News for Employees, Recruitment News

We have some news to share

We Have News
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After 7.5 years, a few filled jobs, managing a handful of clients and a wheel-barrowful of job seekers, one of the team is off to pursue some new challenges.

Who would possibly leave Palmerston North Personnel? - Click to see who has literally lost their mind!


It's me!

I am moving into a National Sales Role so I can exercise my "unique set of skills" in a different industry, and challenge myself in different ways.

It's not an easy decision to leave Palmerston North Personnel - but I am making this change at the right time and here's why:

  • We have the strongest recruitment team we have had since I have been here - if not the strongest ever!
  • The team have 150+ testimonials from past clients and job seekers - so it's not just me saying that!
  • The team are using modern sourcing and recruitment techniques to achieve amazing things for employers and job seekers - here are some of them:
  • 300+ news, tips and techniques on free news feeds 
  • 1600+ tweets at 
  • 900+ followers on 
  • 23,000+ job seekers helped
  • 2,600+ clients helped
  • 17,000+ filled jobs 

I would like to thank all those people I haven't had the chance to thank for the last 7+ years, including clients and job seekers alike.

I especially want to thank the team starting with Claire and Debbie our Directors, Jo and the whole team of support people who have been so great to work with over the years, including Krystie, Lou, Bobbi, Lauren and Naomi.

And I'd like to thank our awesome Recruitment Specialists - Robyn, Christine and Cushla who I have poked and prodded with social recruitment ideas, tools and jiggery pokery that at times have seemed like "what are you thinking?" - oh and a few new clients and connections too.

Its been a blast, exciting, challenging, rewarding and we have had too many wins to share!

If you are thinking of changing employment or hiring people for your team – hands-down the best thing you can do is contact the team at 

I only have one more thing to do...


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Mason Parker

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