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Social Recruiting - its just got real!

on Monday, 03 October 2016. Posted in Our News, Reasons to live, work and play in Manawatu, Recruitment News

Is your recruitment genuinely social?

Social Recruiting - its just got real!

Back in the day - in far far away land all recruting was founded on paper based advertising and feilding enquiries from adverts. But it is no is now driving recruitment for global sourcing and attraction. Here is a live example..

We are currently recruting a role based in Manawatu and we are not using paper-based advertising at all.


We are searching globally using web-based technologies and sharing the opportunity right where job seekers go:

Our social networks are social attraction funnels - our connections and their connections can apply via:


Here's the thing - people don't just see our activity they are encouraged to apply, like, share or tweet so even more people see the opportuntities.

All of these people can apply to the vacancies right within the social media platform itself...using our integrated  Linkedin App, Facebook App, Twitter App and integrated web based application form for job boards.

Why should that matter?

Consider this simple idea - assume Robyn has 50 connections on one social media channel who all have 50 unrelated connections.

Robyn posts a job that we have for a Photography Assistant

  1. our 4000+ job alert followers see this role if its what they have asked to see
  2. we alos advertise on our preferred job boards 
  3. the job also goes to: - our facebook followers, - our twitter friends, our linkedin connections etc
  4. Robyn then shares the role with her 50 connections 
  5. Robyns connections also have 50 connections who see their friends have seen the role - 50 x 50 = 2500 extra people see the role from Robyn's share and can apply right then and there!
  6. This is called viral marketing - but in recruitment world we are putting our clients opportunities in front of throusands of people following us because we are recruiters.

We have a team of ten - we are active on social media so imagine just how many people are in our network - all seeing our client's roles.

We also use technology that helps us do these tasks, do them quickly and integrates right with our recruitment technology! When our friends apply we know they came from so we can do more activity in those channels.

Social Recrutiment is alive in Manawatu - and it just got real!

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