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Learning from The Adventurous Kiwi – Hollie Woodhouse

Hollie Woodhouse crossing the Greenland Icecap.  Photo: Keith Parsons

It’s always amazing what you can do if you set your mind to it.  The speaker at the recent 3Keys event I attended impressed me with her story.  Hollie Woodhouse is a full-time endurance athlete, adventurer and graphic designer.  Every year she sets herself a goal, a challenge to complete.  In doing this, she has been on some impressive adventures. 

Matt's Q4 Market update

2019 was highly positive for the recruitment team at PN Personnel. The last quarter of the year was no exception as our Client Manager Matt Smout explains in his video update. 

Partner with PN Personnel

To successfully attract, engage and hire the best people, you need an effective employment brand or a skilled employment brand ambassador (also known as your recruitment partner)

Partner with PN Personnel

Think of it like this; if you want a good haircut – you visit a hairdresser or barber.
Yes you can do it yourself, but will it be as good?

PN Personnel are professionals in the recruitment industry and have been for the last 30 years in the Manawatu.  Combined we have over 100+ years of recruitment experience – that’s a lot of knowledge and learnings from the thousands of recruitments we have managed over those years.

Matt's Q3 Market Update

From the latest regional activity to upcoming opportunities, our Client Manager Matt shares his thoughts on the 3rd quarter of the year. Watch his video to learn more. 

Why you need to be a strategic recruiter

Why you need to be a strategic recruiter

Senior managers often delegate recruitment to less senior staff when they need a job recruited. These staff are given the job requirements, the expected outcome and taught the process to follow.

This Regimental Recruitment system may secure you a new employee, but does it allow for you to attract and recruit the best person for your business?

Technology assists but will never replace a robust recruitment strategy

Technology assists but will never replace a robust recruitment strategy

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, but it will never replace the value in real connections, conversations and relationships. For recruitment it is our relationships, built and developed on understanding and trust, which are key to recruitment success. 

These relationships start with our Clients and their businesses, and our understanding of their organisational goals and needs.  From our discussions and visits with our Clients, we fully understand their recruitment need, whether it be for a permanent employee in their team or temporary staff cover.

The Living Wage

The new Living Wage rate came into effect 1 September 2019.

The Living Wage

We value the Living Wage rate here at PN Personnel and have been working with our clients to enable all our temporary staff to be employed at or above the equivalent of the Living Wage hourly rate of $21.15.


How to plan a fabulous work party

Last year's Christmas party

We love a good party at PN Personnel, at work we are focused, busy and committed to delivering successful recruitment strategies for our clients and job seekers. When we do get together away from the office, we enjoy celebrating our successes as a team and having fun.

The best parties are planned and have some structure. If you are planning your work function for your team, here are some things to consider for a successful party.

PN Personnel – we’re the right recruitment agency for you!

PN Personnel – we’re the right recruitment agency for you!

We’re the biggest and best agency in the Manawatu! Yes, it’s a bold statement, but we are proud of what we achieve and the positive impact we can have for our Clients and job seekers.

Job seeking is challenging and it’s hard to know where to start – look no further than PN Personnel, we’re here to help.

Yes, you need to reference check.

Yes, you need to reference check.

You think you have the ideal applicant for your vacancy.  Whilst you might be itching to make a job offer, confirm your applicant and get back to business, reference checking should always be a key step in your recruitment process.

A good reference check will confirm and reconfirm whether your applicant CAN do the job and if they have the WILL/DRIVE to do the job.


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