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Turn "No" into "Yes"

Applying for jobs and hearing NO or even worse not getting a reply?


Being a job seeker in any market is tough, you get emotionally committed to applying for great roles. You take the time to research the business and then apply... and then they reply "Thank you... but NO".  How do you turn this around?

Robots, Software & Recruitment

Robots, Software & Recruitment

The human touch is disappearing as technology provides efficiency and cost savings. Robots manufacture vehicles, ATM machines streamline banking, self-service aisles at supermarkets are making their presence felt... we all have felt the impact of these.

Will it happen to recruitment? Yes it will, but not when it matters and here's why....

Christine Takes On Lake Rotoiti

Christine Takes On Lake Rotoiti

Our Temporary Solutions consultant (Christine Hanning) took on the South Island boat champs, at Nelson Lakes (Saturday 28 February 2015) and made a big splash! But not as big as Bayden "upside down" Sprozen.

10 Features your Recruiting Solution must have - Part 1

This is Part One of a Three Part Series

10 Features your Recruiting Solution must have - Part 1

It’s 2016 and recruiting is more gruelling and competitive than ever as employers are working harder to secure the best people. To secure the best employees you must get an edge over your competitors and maintain it. You can gain that competitive advantage by making use of leading edge techniques and tools in hiring and recruitment.

A popular tool that employers make use of is using a recruiting solution to track applicants and manage adverts and career sites. Your recruiting solution should make your job easier, more efficient and more effective. With endless options available, choosing the right solution can be time consuming, complex and difficult.

The Hunt For The Purple Squirrel

Is the Purple Squirrel driving you nuts?

The Hunt For The Purple Squirrel

Like me you may never have heard of the Purple Squirrel until today, but it is found in New Zealand.

And as I write this I can say I think the Purple Squirrel is alive and well in Manawatu, but rest assured you won't find them harvesting local nuts and storing them in hollow crooks and crannies in Kauri, Totara and Rimu trees.

Read on to find out where they are found...

Get The Edge When Competing For Talent

New Year Resolutions, deferred recruiting and staff resignations all combine to create "the perfect recruitment storm" in the first quarter

Get The Edge When Competing For Talent

Welcome back. You've just got your feet under your desk and a key staff member asks you to be a referee as they have just accepted a new job pending your reference.

What now? You have to jump into recruiting an equally capable replacement just to maintain numbers and you will be competing against every employer who waited until January to launch their recruitment campaign (this is a seasonal trend and happens year after year).


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