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After 7.5 years, a few filled jobs, managing a handful of clients and a wheel-barrowful of job seekers, one of the team is off to pursue some new challenges.

Who would possibly leave Palmerston North Personnel? - Click to see who has literally lost their mind!

Online Tools for Recruitment

It's an online world and everything is in the cloud - including us!

Online Tools for Recruitment

It's 2017 and Palmerston North Personnel are a Manawatu business that runs in the cloud, with cloud-based recruitment resources supplied by leading edge recruitment developers.


The hunt for amazing talent is topical and requires the use of modern and effective tools. We use these tools for the benefit of our employers and employees, and we have some cool changes coming.


Choose a Recruitment Partner not a Recruitment Speed-Date

Choose a Recruitment Partner not a Recruitment Speed-Date

Thinking of hiring a staff member and ringing a few agencies? There is a better way.

Try partnering with one recruitment specialist instead!


Hiring an employee is about forming an enduring professional relationship – much like forming a personal relationship.

Which is higher quality and sets you up for longer lasting, mutually benefcial relationships?

Speed Date or Partnering?

How to know your recruiter is working on quality roles

Not all recruiters are created equal

How to know your recruiter is working on quality roles

We have been recruiting at full speed lately, working for some amazing employers to find awesome people, and we have some feedback from job seekers who have not had a good experience when applying for jobs (not our jobs). Here's some tips to work out if you are applying for the right roles.

Manawatu and Horowhenua are on the up

There is data - this is not just a feeling

Manawatu and Horowhenua are on the up

We have recently been working with CEDA (and still have some great roles there for people who really love the economic development space), and are aware of some research CEDA had commissioned in 2016. Recently, I heard David Clapperton (CEO Horowhenua District Council) share whats happening in neighbouring Horowhenua.

It was pleasing to get an email today with data showing this Horowhenua trend too.

We are Google Compliant

Google made some changes and so have we

We are Google Compliant

Our website is the window to our business. It's where we share amazing jobs for awesome people. It's where we share what the team are doing or has done.

Recently the smart people at Google made some changes to help keep people safe on the net, and naturally we are on board with it...but what changed?

How to write an effective cover letter

You no longer need to Google it, simply keep reading!

How to write an effective cover letter

Did you know writing a cover letter is one of the most searched “How-To” questions on Google? Not only globally, but in NZ it was ranked at number 5.

So, we thought it was worth discussing further...


Robyn's Spring Update

I'm getting the hang of blogging.

Robyn's Spring Update

Spring is now here and it's hard to believe that we are starting to think about the upcoming festive season already. I have been talking with local employers about their needs over this time and making plans to have them covered.

Key elements for a successful job advert

Some adverts work and others don't - why is that?

Key elements for a successful job advert

Our team write compelling adverts for our clients most days. We have seen some job listings that work really well and others that don't. Here's some key parts to getting it right!


Making tough choices - the easy way

Make great choices by learning from others' experience/knowledge

I have been lucky enough to get back from leave to a new destination where I knew no-one and had little local knowledge - think white sands, coral reefs, turtles and unknown restaurants, cafes and attractions and you'll understand.

Each day our group reviewed multiple restaurants and suppliers before choosing who to invest money and scarce time in and who to avoid...and we found a system that worked well for us.

It got me thinking how few Manawatu businesses are using these tools.

Social Recruiting - its just got real!

Is your recruitment genuinely social?

Social Recruiting - its just got real!

Back in the day - in far far away land all recruting was founded on paper based advertising and feilding enquiries from adverts. But it is no longer...technology is now driving recruitment for global sourcing and attraction. Here is a live example..


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