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Fit exercise into your working week

Robyn and Nicola at the finish line of a Manawatu Striders event

Most of us are aware we are time poor.  We are consumed by constant demands on our time, from all areas in our lives.  Scheduling time for exercise has been proven to have many benefits not only for physical but also mental health.

Matt's Q4 Market update

2019 was highly positive for the recruitment team at PN Personnel. The last quarter of the year was no exception as our Client Manager Matt Smout explains in his video update. 

Partner with PN Personnel

To successfully attract, engage and hire the best people, you need an effective employment brand or a skilled employment brand ambassador (also known as your recruitment partner)

Partner with PN Personnel

Think of it like this; if you want a good haircut – you visit a hairdresser or barber.
Yes you can do it yourself, but will it be as good?

PN Personnel are professionals in the recruitment industry and have been for the last 30 years in the Manawatu.  Combined we have over 100+ years of recruitment experience – that’s a lot of knowledge and learnings from the thousands of recruitments we have managed over those years.

A good handshake

A good handshake

Google “a good handshake” and the first website that pops up is “the art of manliness”.  I disagree, it’s not just men that should have a good handshake.  In business men and women equally should have a firm and solid handshake.

The Living Wage

The new Living Wage rate came into effect 1 September 2019.

The Living Wage

We value the Living Wage rate here at PN Personnel and have been working with our clients to enable all our temporary staff to be employed at or above the equivalent of the Living Wage hourly rate of $21.15.


Top 5 reasons job seekers are attracted to your business.

Top 5 reasons job seekers are attracted to your business.

As the newest Recruitment Specialist in the PN Personnel team, my first few weeks have involved a lot of learning and training. I have met with a wide range of candidates, and whilst these job seekers have vast differences in age, gender, industry background and skill set, some common factors consistently emerge with regards to why a company appeals to them.

Why are applicants attracted to your business? Whilst the job position itself is the catalyst, there are many more reasons candidates consider in their job search including the following...

Matt's Q3 Market Update

From the latest regional activity to upcoming opportunities, our Client Manager Matt shares his thoughts on the 3rd quarter of the year. Watch his video to learn more. 

Should you include your photo in your CV? I have the answer.

Should you include your photo in your CV? I have the answer.

I went along to an evening hosted by the Network of Skilled Migrants Manawatu to provide advice and tips on writing a CV. I was asked if you should include your photo in your CV, which sparked a bit of discussion amongst ourselves.

This question recently arose in the office, and from this PN Personnel team poll, the response was unanimous. A resounding NO!

Should you change your job in 2020?

For those of us who have some leave over the Christmas/New Year period, we also have the opportunity for reflection and consideration to our year ahead.

Should you change your job in 2020?
It’s a time when we talk about New Year’s resolutions and goals for 2020.  We consider our work/life balance and our career aspirations. As part of our thinking process the prospect of a new job is often contemplated.

How to create a professional CV

Updating or creating your CV? We spoke to CV expert Jo Hazlitt from CV Edge to understand the elements you need to include in your professional CV.

How to create a professional CV

It’s easy to let your CV become outdated, or you may not even have one. Jo creates professional CV’s for everyone from school leavers, to those returning to work and CEO’s across a wide range of industries.

Her advice is one CV doesn’t fit all jobs; you need to tailor your CV specific to each job application.

“New Zealanders don’t know how to promote themselves, they are quite humble. My job is to promote their personality, experience and qualifications for the job they are targeting.”

Jo recommends the length of your CV should be 2 pages, “keep it short and to the point” and to use bullet points for clarity.

How to plan a fabulous work party

Last year's Christmas party

We love a good party at PN Personnel, at work we are focused, busy and committed to delivering successful recruitment strategies for our clients and job seekers. When we do get together away from the office, we enjoy celebrating our successes as a team and having fun.

The best parties are planned and have some structure. If you are planning your work function for your team, here are some things to consider for a successful party.

Love your work – the benefits of temping

“If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life,” Marc Anthony

Love your work – the benefits of temping

The workplace is an ever-changing space, the traditional 9 – 5 Monday to Friday work-day has been replaced with more flexible working environments. New technologies make it easier for us to work remotely, but also harder to switch off from work.

People want choice, for their work and for their lifestyle. Temporary work is becoming more than a stop-gap between permanent roles and a fast income. More and more people prefer and consciously choose to work on temporary work assignments or fixed term contracts because of the many benefits it provides.


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