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Job Seekers: Stand out in your interview

Job Seekers: Stand out in your interview

Recently I worked with two job seekers for a position.  I briefed each of them on the history of the company they had applied to and suggested they conduct their own research prior to their interview.

One did, one didn’t.  Can you guess which one was offered the job?

Your response to these two questions can set you apart from the rest…

Questions you need to ask in your next job interview

Questions you need to ask in your next job interview

An interview is a two-way street, for the employer to assess your suitability for the role and vice versa.  Whilst most of the questions are targeted at the interviewee, the employer often (and should) give the opportunity to be asked a question or two.

Phrasing your questions correctly does require a little preparation but having a couple ready is much easier than trying to come up with something on the spot. 

Your CV – one size does not fit all.

Your CV – one size does not fit all.

CV length and structure can and do make a difference - so should it be a generic CV with all history included? Or should your CV be laser targeted and with as much punch as triple shot espresso?

The answer may surprise you!

Job hunting 2020: how you can prepare for virtual/online interviews

Job hunting 2020: how you can prepare for virtual/online interviews

Finding a job in 2020 is different.  By using a combination of traditional and new communication methods, you can discuss job opportunities, interview for roles and view a potential new workplace without leaving your home. Whilst ideally face to face contact is preferred, meetings and interviews via technology will become part of your new normal.

Here’s how we think it will look, what is means for you and how we see it working within recruitment.

Fit exercise into your working week

Robyn and Nicola at the finish line of a Manawatu Striders event

Most of us are aware we are time poor.  We are consumed by constant demands on our time, from all areas in our lives.  Scheduling time for exercise has been proven to have many benefits not only for physical but also mental health.

How to create a professional CV

Updating or creating your CV? We spoke to CV expert Jo Hazlitt from CV Edge to understand the elements you need to include in your professional CV.

How to create a professional CV

It’s easy to let your CV become outdated, or you may not even have one. Jo creates professional CV’s for everyone from school leavers, to those returning to work and CEO’s across a wide range of industries.

Her advice is one CV doesn’t fit all jobs; you need to tailor your CV specific to each job application.

“New Zealanders don’t know how to promote themselves, they are quite humble. My job is to promote their personality, experience and qualifications for the job they are targeting.”

Jo recommends the length of your CV should be 2 pages, “keep it short and to the point” and to use bullet points for clarity.

Find out - is your boss the best?

Find out - is your boss the best?

As an employee you want to feel valued, appreciated and trusted in your job, you want the tools to be able to do your work and the opportunities to reach your career potential.  In supporting you to be your best, your boss is likely to be exceptional themselves in the following areas…

Be a STAR at your next interview

Be a STAR at your next interview

In an interview you are faced with a wide range of questions, all structured to generate different responses.  Most questions will be open-ended – requiring more detail than a simple yes or no.

Competency based questions are designed so the interviewer can better understand your approach to a task, how you react, and act in certain work situations, as well as what learnings you have taken from your past experiences.

The STAR approach is a way to answer such questions. STAR stands for:

Situation – describe the setting for the interviewer.

Task – explain what you had to do, your roles and responsibilities in the situation.

Action – what did you do to address the situation?

Result – what was the outcome and what did you learn?

Write your cover letter so it stands out from the rest!

Write your cover letter so it stands out from the rest!

It’s common to spend a lot of time perfecting your CV, but your cover letter can easily be overlooked.  If you currently use a standard template for every role, today is the day to stop!

As recruiters, myself and the PN Personnel team read a lot of cover letters. If you are serious about the vacancy you are applying for, you need to spend the time to tailor your cover letter.

Learning from The Adventurous Kiwi – Hollie Woodhouse

Hollie Woodhouse crossing the Greenland Icecap.  Photo: Keith Parsons

It’s always amazing what you can do if you set your mind to it.  The speaker at the recent 3Keys event I attended impressed me with her story.  Hollie Woodhouse is a full-time endurance athlete, adventurer and graphic designer.  Every year she sets herself a goal, a challenge to complete.  In doing this, she has been on some impressive adventures. 

Matt's Q4 Market update

2019 was highly positive for the recruitment team at PN Personnel. The last quarter of the year was no exception as our Client Manager Matt Smout explains in his video update. 

The Living Wage

The new Living Wage rate came into effect 1 September 2019.

The Living Wage

We value the Living Wage rate here at PN Personnel and have been working with our clients to enable all our temporary staff to be employed at or above the equivalent of the Living Wage hourly rate of $21.15.



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