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Key elements for a successful job advert

on Monday, 11 September 2017. Posted in Our News, Recruitment News

Some adverts work and others don't - why is that?

Key elements for a successful job advert

Our team write compelling adverts for our clients most days. We have seen some job listings that work really well and others that don't. Here's some key parts to getting it right!


There are four key parts to an advert, so we'll discuss them all.

1- Branding

You have a brand, so use it in your job advertsing - less job seekers apply to adverts without a brand, and when we work with clients we use our brand and the client's. Because that works even better!

2- Headline

Adverts need a headline that says this is the job being advertised - don't be too tricky and keep it short. Headlines may be all a potential employee scans on their smartphone.

3- Introduction

Include a brief paragraph and ideally 3 short bullet points, as some advertising channels display the headline and the introduction. Make it short, punchy and inviting!

4- Body

This is the meat in the sandwich, so it has to have substance and give the information your next employee wants to know, such as:

  • Why work for your organisation?
  • What does the role actually do?
  • What's in it for them?
  • How shoud they apply?
  • Is there a video or other media supprting your employment brand?

Don't forget Layout!

A job description is not an advert, so don't just copy and paste a JD. It's just that simple.

Make your layout flow smoothly and lead potential employees through a logical process. A great headline and introduction will compel them to want to read more, and the body informs them with enough relevant and transparent information for them to know what you need and that you are committed to the role. Once the reader is informed, the body also invites them to apply.

We use headlines to help drive their eyes to key areas and prepare them for information they want to access.

A great advert also assures them they will be professionally managed in a confidential and proven recruitment process. This is important - your future employees will assess what working for you will be like by the way the recruitment process runs. Don't lose a great employee through a poor recruitment process.

You'll know you have an experienced recruitment sourcer when the role advertising is mobile optimised and uses appropriate long-tail-keywords. Make sure your advertising is social media optimised - because we are already in the social media recruitment era.

Not sure what that even means or why we do that? We build that into our strategy for our clients, and explain the benefits of social recruiting and advert optimisation.






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