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Get Employment Search Ready

on Tuesday, 07 July 2015. Posted in Tips for Job Seekers, Our News, News for Employees

You have made the decision it's time for your first job or your next job... what now?

Get Employment Search Ready

As recruitment specialists we often get approached by individuals who want a new role or their first role, but aren't quite familiar with how to get themselves ready.

Here are some simple steps to get you started.

These are simple, easy, and are often not done by all job seekers. 

Recruitment 101 

  • Update your CV - if you don't have one yet, get one!
    • Your CV is a marketing document that allows your next employer to see how you communicate in a professional document. They are looking to see your work history, any achievements, duties and responsibilities, and form an understanding of what you can do in a work setting (We have links to specific tools and tips, see the link below)
    • If you can't make one yourself - invest in getting a CV made (and make sure the author saves it in a format you can update yourself later on - or else you may have to pay for edits too)
  • Set up a LinkedIn Profile
    • is a professional networking site and by joining LinkedIn you can connect with past and future colleagues on a site similar to Facebook for professionals.
    • As you set your profile up the site will prompt you for work history and employment ...and it will help you think about the information you may insert into your CV
    • Consider your webutation (more below)
  • Research what roles are out there
    • Understanding what you can do and what's available in the location you are looking in is very important - there's no point looking for roles that don't exist
    • Don't apply for roles you cannot do - you'll waste your time and may damage your reputation when the right role comes along. Employers will remember the people who were previously "serial applicants" and they may reject you for a role you can actually do
    • Gain an understanding of employers who have the vacant roles and a culture you want to be part of - start with their website and talk to friends or colleagues who may have connections to the organisation
  • Connect with expert Recruitment Specialists
    • A good recruiter will be a connected recruiter - connected with businesses who want people like you
    • A great recruiter will be able to share past successes 
    • Maintain contact and let them know where you are at with your job search, it is likley you will have found some roles yourself and some through your recruiter's networks, so keep them informed
    • Follow their advice and do what you say you will - recruiters are paid by the employers not by the employees, so when recruiters offer you one-on-one tips, advice and help, they are genuinely being helpful. After giving free advice individuals will form an opinion about your employability if you do or don't act on their advice
    • Consider all the advice you will receive and work with what seems to be working for you - not all advice is great advice, and some well-intended tips may not apply to your personality or the roles you are after. For example if you are naturally extroverted then the advice may be to remain calm and pull your enthusiasm back whereas a quieter person may need to consciously shake hands, smile and strike up a discussion with an interviewer
    • HUGE TIP - join - we have a free job alert tool that helps notify you of local roles that meet your criteria.
  • Review your webutation
    • Update privacy settings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other sites where you have an identity
    • Check for comments and content that may jeopardise your employment search - and correct them. What were funny photos at teenage parties may not help you get that accounting role you'd like after graduating
    • Here is a HUGE TIP - employers and recruiters will Google you. They do this to reassure themselves that you are exactly what you say you are and will be a productive employee, so make sure you know what is out there! 
  • Review your CV and Cover Letter every time you attach them
    • Customising your CV to a role is a great idea BUT if you do, then check you send the right documents to the right roles
    • Failing to do this places you on the back foot right from the get go and may lead to an instant rejection - the logic is simple - if you make mistakes when applying for a job how conscientious will you be at work?
  • Be Polite and Personable
    • This is basic human behaviour - "people hire people they like - people they can see themselves working with"
    • Do want you say you will, and on time
    • Following up is good it shows you are keen - but don't over do it... stalking is not good. Find the middle ground
    • Relax, have fun and remember no-one knows you as well as you do - this is your opportunity to shine and share successes, goals and be factual about your professional achievements! Employers want to know what you are capable of so be factual rather than conceited or humble

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Serial Applicants - apply to multipe roles, usually don't follow the recruiters instructions, or do not have the skills required for the roles they apply for. They usually end up getting blocked / spammed or just ignored. 

Christine Hanning

Recruitment Specialist

Christine connects with many clients and candidates in all industries – always treating everyone individually.

Constantly providing an exceptional level of service and professionalism in all aspects of her work, Christine takes a genuine interest in whom she works with and is committed to achieving success.

Give Christine a call to discuss options around what you want to achieve in your career and she will endeavour to achieve that 'win-win solution' that's right for you.


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