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Ever Wondered How To Do Whizzy Things With Excel?

on Monday, 09 March 2015. Posted in Tips for Job Seekers, Our News, News for Employees

Good skills lead to interviews, where you can win employers over with your personality.

Ever Wondered How To Do Whizzy Things With Excel?

We work with employers who get our team to find motivated, professional and well-skilled employees.

If you haven't worked with us as a job seeker yet we have some simple but effective systems to make sure we know how you can add value to our clients, including software assessments.

When you work with us on your job search we make sure we represent you well and that means sharing your skill level with your potential employer. We get to know you well by following some simple steps including:

  • One of our team will interview you
  • We hold your CV on file
  • We run background checks often including references, Ministry of Justice pre-employment security check and others by arrangement
  • And most importantly for this blog post - we will assess your skills with Office based software such as Microsoft Excel.

And we often hear "Gee I didn't realise how little I knew in the lastest versions of Excel"

Here are 14 great tips we found for using some lesser known areas of Excel - I hope they help.

If you don't know what these functions are then we recommend you click the link below to see them in more detail.

  1. Pivot Tables
  2. Adding more than one row or column
  3. Filters
  4. Remove Duplicates
  5. Transpose
  6. Text to Columns
  7. Simple Calculations
  8. Conditional Formatting Formula
  9. IF Statements
  10. Dollar Signs
  11. Vlookup functions
  12. Index match
  13. Countif function
  14. Combine cells using "&"

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    What are your salary expectations?

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    Salary is a critical discussion as part of the recruitment process. The easiest way to manage this is to work with your Recruitment Specialists at PN Personnel.  We can smooth and progress this discussion – by being the middle man between yourself and the employer.

  • Yes, you need to reference check.

    Yes, you need to reference check.

    You think you have the ideal applicant for your vacancy.  Whilst you might be itching to make a job offer, confirm your applicant and get back to business, reference checking should always be a key step in your recruitment process.

    A good reference check will confirm and reconfirm whether your applicant CAN do the job and if they have the WILL/DRIVE to do the job.

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