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Employment is about connections

on Thursday, 06 April 2017. Posted in Tips for Job Seekers, Our News, News for Employees, Recruitment News

Employing staff or being employed is about an emotional connection

Employment is about connections

Applying for a new job is not just about sending in a CV, it's about making the employer feel connected, and when employing a new staff member employers don't want to feel like they are hiring a robot.

Employers need to build a connection with prospective employees, and employees need to connect with their potential employers.

Yes this can sound "fluffy", but read on to see what you can do.


Let's consider an employer's perspective first. 

Build Connections with Job-Seekers

The reality is that right now there are more than 1000 advertised vacancies in the Manawatu region, so job-seekers have more employment choices than I have seen for years. Think competition, think differentiation and employment branding!

Let's use a live example to demonstrate:

We are currently working with CEDA to recruit some awesome roles.

  • To help engage with their prospective employees, we have asked the logical question "Why work for CEDA?" and built a page around exactly that - see here
  • Sharing the WIIFM (What's In It For Me) for potential employees
  • The Acting CEO gave a personal view on why work for CEDA and also shared what the team is all about - as a video, it's authentic and sincere

Click the Youtube button to view


  • We also interviewed one of their new staff members who discussed why work for CEDA and about why it's great to live, work and play in Manawatu - again, it's authentic and real -  see that interview here
  • We have also shared a professional video that explains why someone would want to look at roles in Manawatu, with a resource created by the CEDA team themselves -  see the CEDA produced video


These combine to visually show potential employees the answer to logical questions they have, before committing to a new role/application - who, what, why - but more importantly, how will I feel if I work there?

Feelings are important - and working at CEDA feels good, living in Manawatu feels good, and working with a professional and enthusiastic team of like-minded people feels good! 


And these resources combine for jobseekers to feel "by connecting with CEDA you will feel good!"


Let's consider how a job-seeker needs to build connections:


Build Connections with Hiring Managers

Applications for employment are managed by people, so you need to reassure them they are making the right choice by working with your application to:

  • review your application on paper (or electronically)
  • call you for an initial discussion
  • commit to spending time and energy in an interview
  • spend time sharing information about their business, its plans, goals and the people within the business
  • and ultimately invest time and money in employing you - wages, training and other resources

Some people are innovative and try things like these: 


Google Hire Me 


These are not what we mean! And urge caution on these approaches.

 We recommend building connections by reassuring Hiring Managers, Recruiters and HR that you are worth their investment of time and recruitment energy.


You can substantially improve your chances by adopting these 7 strategies:

  1. READ CAREFULLY - carefully read the advertising and confirm you have the skills required from the advert
  2. RESEARCH - research the organisation and the role (often online) and make sure they know you have taken the time to do this by referring to what you learnt
  3. COMMUNICATE APPROPRIATELY - for example, include a cover letter that confirms the role you applied to, and professionally communicates why you have applied - using language as close as practical to the communication you are getting from the person you are corresponding with (mirroring)
  4. PROJECTION - you will be judged on how effectively you answer questions, respond to requests, speak on the phone and your professional profile 
  5. WEBUTATION - review your online profile - do you have a professional email address, does your social media profile reflect favourably, does LinkedIn match your resume, do you have boozy party photos on Twitter or other social sites that need to be blocked or removed?
  6. PERSONALITY - are you friendly, approachable, sound happy/calm/self-assured and professional?
  7. RELIABLE - do you do what you have been asked to do in the recruitment process, and do it on time?


This is not a complete list, but examples of the unspoken things that are often assessed all the the way through a recruitment process, as hiring Managers, HR and Recruiters try to find skilled, engaged, motivated and like-minded team members to join their team.


Here is the thing - Managers, HR and Recruiters want to feel reassured they have reviewed, hired or interviewed the right person.

Your job as a job-seeker is to give them what they have asked of you, to feel reassured they have made a great and potentially long-term connection.


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