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Choose a Recruitment Partner not a Recruitment Speed-Date

on Friday, 04 August 2017. Posted in Our News

Choose a Recruitment Partner not a Recruitment Speed-Date

Thinking of hiring a staff member and ringing a few agencies? There is a better way.

Try partnering with one recruitment specialist instead!


Hiring an employee is about forming an enduring professional relationship – much like forming a personal relationship.

Which is higher quality and sets you up for longer lasting, mutually benefcial relationships?

Speed Date or Partnering?

You take one of two approaches:

  1. SPEED-DATE – rush to meet the people immediately available, hire them quickly – and expect most of the time it won’t be a great relationship.
  2. PARTNER - Invest time in partnering with quality recruitment specialists. You can expect them to take the time to define what you want/need in an employee, plan and implement strategies to search for them, and check/screen and interview them fully. Then you can hire them knowing the stars are aligned for a quality relationship - and receive two-way communication and consultation all the way through.



By partnering with the best specialist you can find, you can be assured that a number of things will happen:

  • Your recruitment specialist will take the time to do a great job – not a quick job of sending poorly-checked resumes of people looking for jobs rather than careers
  • You can expect your preferred recruiter to take time to get a deep understanding of your needs and then commit to meeting them – in fact you should demand it!


Good things take time – and by having one exclusive recruitment partner you are allowing them to prepare, plan and spend the time needed to:

  • Create an amazing, complex search campaign and make recommendations on solutions you didn’t know about
  • Engage with applicants and engage with people who haven’t even been looking ****see below for more on this****
  • Make your opportunity the opportunity of choice in your industry, location or speciality
  • Report on the whole campaign – sharing what has worked and what hasn’t, and adjust accordingly
  • Provide advice and consultative services to you throughout the whole process



Two Fun Facts:

  1. Only 27% of the available and suitable people for work use job boards
  2. 47% of the available and suitable people not using job boards will apply if they know of your opportunity 

Right now in Manawatu (August 2018) there are 250% times the normal level of advertised roles!

It's competitive and good people are harder to find! Any single job advert will be 0.1% of the advertsied vacancies.
(That is 1 advert in about 1,000 advertised vacancies, if you wondered)


To successfully attract, engage and hire the best people, you need an effective employment brand or a skilled employment brand ambassador (also known as your recruitment partner)


An effective employment brand tells the story you want people to hear – why they should work for your company.

Engaging a skilled employment brand ambassador compliments this story by encouraging passive employees to make a suitable CV, and apply when they were not even thinking about a career change. This converts them from Passive to Active. Refer to the Fun Facts above.


If hiring "the best person, not the first person" is appealing to you – then reach out for a confidential discussion about your plans.

Find out how Palmerston North Personnel can be your Employment Brand Ambassador or your Recruitment Partner


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