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Stay or go? Find happiness in your role

on Friday, 06 April 2018. Posted in News for Employees

How do you know when it is time to leave your job and look for a new one?

Stay or go? Find happiness in your role

I find that many people will get in touch with us to explore new job opportunities, but what is the driver behind their decision. Do you really need to be looking for a new job, or have you simply momentarily lost your mojo? Here’s a few simple ways to tell…


You need to identify what it really is about your job that currently isn’t working for you. Is it the job itself or are other factors contributing to your sense of unhappiness? You need to know why you want to leave, or else you could end up feeling exactly the same in a new role.


When it is time to go

  • You wake up every morning dreading going to work
  • You dislike colleagues and/or managers. Whilst you don’t need to agree on everything, you do need to be able to find common ground. All personalities are different, and some stronger than others, and within the workplace a team needs to respect each others’ differences and individuality
  • You cannot achieve a work/life balance. You might love your job, but it is all consuming, meaning your personal and family life are suffering
  • You don’t believe in the product/brand/company. You cannot be a good ambassador for an organisation if you don’t believe their product or service is worthy of buying. If you do not agree with the business model, align with the brand or the product or service, then you are not going to perform your best, which is detrimental to both yourself and the company you work for

If any or all of the above are contributing to poor mental or physical health you need to make changes. If you are unable to discuss issues with your employer, or they have been unable or unwilling to assist then yes, time to find something new (skip the next paragraph). If there is opportunity for discussion, then read on…


Evaluate and recreate

Once you have established your reasons for wanting a new role it is worth exploring your options within your current organisation before you jump ship.

If your concerns are based around your current role:

  • Can your current employer provide scope to make changes within your role?
  • Are there any opportunities to undertake training or development pathways?
  • Can you take on different tasks?

The grass may not always be greener on the other side, many people often throw in the towel before truly investigating what opportunities are out there. If you are happy within the company/brand/product or service and the work environment it is worth exploring opportunities with your current employer first.


Do I have a future here?

Think about the company you work for:

  • Are they going to be around in 5 years time?
  • Are they growing and developing or likely to shrink in the marketplace?
  • What are the goals and vision of the organisation, and do you share and align with the same vision?

Step two in your evaluation is to consider your long term career goals. Does your current role mean you are on the right track to achieve your goal? Maybe it is a stepping stone in your career. If you cannot see any progression pathways, then perhaps it is time for a change.


Patience and timing

Knowing what you want is important, but timing is key to achieving your goal. Once you have determined it is time to move on, make sure you have a game plan to facilitate the move. Your dream job might not be currently advertised or vacant, can you continue in your current role whilst you wait? It is common for candidates to become fed up and resign without a new job to go to, only to find their next role is harder to secure than anticipated. This leads to a situation driven by necessity rather than choice. You can feel compelled to take on any role, sometimes less suitable then the one you left.

If you are thinking of making a change, get in touch with us at Palmerston North Personnel and have a chat about opportunities in the marketplace. Through our contacts and networks we have a good insight into business opportunities. Take a look on job websites such as SEEK and Trademe for current vacancies. We work alongside many candidates who are on the lookout for their next career move, and whilst happy in their current role, engage us as their eyes and ears should their ideal role arise.

Christine Hanning

Recruitment Specialist

Christine connects with many clients and candidates in all industries – always treating everyone individually.

Constantly providing an exceptional level of service and professionalism in all aspects of her work, Christine takes a genuine interest in whom she works with and is committed to achieving success.

Give Christine a call to discuss options around what you want to achieve in your career and she will endeavour to achieve that 'win-win solution' that's right for you.


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