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Interview Feedback

on Thursday, 17 September 2015. Posted in Tips for Job Seekers, News for Employees

Interview Feedback

Yesterday I had the privilege to sit on an interview panel of 3 to interview a group of 18 up and coming IT graduates, who are completing their final year at UCOL.

This was conducted in an open style role play where one at a time each student sat in front of the interview panel and were asked a range of questions relating to a specific role they had applied for.

I must admit, I very much enjoyed the experience of being a part of this exercise and found it uplifting to see so many young people at the top of their game, both in their career subject and preparation for the interview.

All 3 interviewers’ were not able to fault their presentation and how they conducted themselves within the exercise. They had thought about an array of questions that may have been asked of them being in a range of Software, Web and Database Development scenarios, were able to answer these with ease and made eye contact with all 3 of us.

The CV’s presented to us at the time of interview were up to date, clear and precise, and all students had their LinkedIn addresses included in their details. This showed myself that they are taking their career seriously and want to succeed.

One person in particular stood out above the rest, by using keywords, not only in the CV itself, but verbally whilst under interview conditions. This showed me this person has a full understanding of where they had come from, the commitment they have not only put into their career to date, but the drive they have to demand successfulness moving forward.

Keywords in CV’s and the use of these are a must for anyone seeking employment. It makes them stand out from the rest and knowing yourself and what you want to achieve in your career is a must. Goggle is fantastic for this, search for keywords, adapt and design these into your CV, develop these into your vocabulary and this will strengthened your success in that ‘must have’ role.

One area where you should expand on in an interview, is your life outside of work. Whether it is a hobby or a sport, shape this into your interview as an employer should want to know not only about your skill set for their business, but also your interests outside of work. This expands a great wealth of information about you as a person and gives the employer a more in-depth insight into you!

Well done to all of the students involved, most had been interviewed before in some form in the past, however there were a small number who had never been interviewed, let alone by a panel of 3 experienced recruiters.

Christine Hanning

Recruitment Specialist

Christine connects with many clients and candidates in all industries – always treating everyone individually.

Constantly providing an exceptional level of service and professionalism in all aspects of her work, Christine takes a genuine interest in whom she works with and is committed to achieving success.

Give Christine a call to discuss options around what you want to achieve in your career and she will endeavour to achieve that 'win-win solution' that's right for you.


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