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Career Prospects - a free tool to plan your career

on Friday, 24 February 2017. Posted in Tips for Job Seekers, News for Employees

MBIE Occupation Outlook

Career Prospects - a free tool to plan your career

Looking for a job when you have been working for years and have proven skills and knowledge can be daunting enough - but it's more confusing or challenging if you are studying or entering the workforce for the first time....Here's a free tool.

MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) have just released an updated Occupation Outlook, including free Apple and Android apps to help you plan a career path.

It has 108 jobs included as indicative careers, to help job seekers and students make good study and career decisions.

The Occupation Outlook shows easy little speedos with information to guide decisions like forecast demand for those jobs, forecast income levels and levels of training required. And this year it has been expanded from 60 occupations to 100+.

And for those who like apps and gizmos - there are free Android and Apple apps ...and a tool to help match your skills to occupations.

Check it out here 


And if anyone from MBIE reads this - thanks for a great tool!

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