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Make a good impression at an interview without saying a word.

Make a good impression at an interview without saying a word.

An interview is about verbal communication, however it’s what you don’t say which can leave a lasting impression with a potential Employer.

Body language, gestures, facial expressions, posture and stance are all forms of non-verbal communication.  If you are aware of these you can present yourself well at interview.

For a good first impression, dress and smell appropriately and arrive a couple of minutes early.

When you arrive, wait patiently.  Applicants are often watched by another staff member or the receptionist, waiting quietly and calmly is much better than whipping out your phone and checking your social media.

·       Smile!  If someone walks past you before your interview, smile at them, when your interviewer (or interviewees) greet you, smile at them.  Your smile is the best first impression you can give.

·       A firm solid handshake (click here for more on handshakes)

·       Make eye contact.  When you smile, when you shake hands and in your conversations throughout the interview.

·       Sit up straight and lean forward.  This shows you are interested and engaged.

·       Try not to fidget.  You might have brought pen and paper to an interview, leave the pen tucked away unless you need it.  It is easy to unconsciously click your pen, fiddle with your notebook or your bag.

If you are the type of person who is very nervous before an interview, ask a family member or friend to help you mock-up an interview.  Practice your entrance and greeting (the smile and shake hands), sit down (ideally in the clothes you plan to wear to an interview with any additional material such as a notebook or handbag), and farewell, (again hard shake and smile).   

If you want the job, use your body language to show you are interested, it will make a difference.


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