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Love your work – the benefits of temping

“If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life,” Marc Anthony

Love your work – the benefits of temping

The workplace is an ever-changing space, the traditional 9 – 5 Monday to Friday work-day has been replaced with more flexible working environments. New technologies make it easier for us to work remotely, but also harder to switch off from work.

People want choice, for their work and for their lifestyle. Temporary work is becoming more than a stop-gap between permanent roles and a fast income. More and more people prefer and consciously choose to work on temporary work assignments or fixed term contracts because of the many benefits it provides.

Temporary work provides flexibility.

We all want flexibility in our lives. Temporary work provides this flexibility giving the job seeker employment options and the power to choose the job which works best for them.

“Dip your toes in”

You can test the waters with temping.

Whether you are transitioning to a new career, or testing your fit within a preferred company, temping provides the option to give it a go, without making a long-term commitment to the role or the organisation.

Foot in the door

Temping provides the opportunity to be noticed by the company you want to work for. It may not be working in your ideal position, however being able to work within a company provides the opportunity for you to connect with the right people. You experience their company culture and work environment first-hand, you can demonstrate your work ethic, commitment and enthusiasm and this can often lead to future opportunities.

Upskill and earn

If you are open to learning, you are open to temping. A new role can provide this opportunity to learn new skills on the job. All businesses have different working procedures, therefore even if you are doing a role you are familiar with, it is likely you will adopt new skills working in a new environment. This will enhance your CV and your experience within a certain industry.

“Temp to Perm”

This is our recruitment term we use for someone who has been employed temporarily and the company values their contribution so much they offer them a permanent role. We find many of our fabulous temporary staff are offered permanent employment whilst working in a temporary placement.

Pick & Choose

We also work with a number of fantastic temporary team members who choose to remain as our temps. They do this because they do not want to commit to permanent work and enjoy the diversity of roles temping provides.


We like to have choice, we like to have options, we like to be able to pick and choose the next job.

Temping provides the flexibility to meet new people, test careers, experience a new industry. It can fit in with schooling/study, with kids and with other work commitments.

The RSCA is the industry body for recruitment and staffing for NZ and for Australia. Their campaign titled #LoveYourWork highlights the benefits and flexibility of temping (or agency work as they say in Australia) through a series of short videos.

Temping is a viable option for many, and at PN Personnel we have new opportunities daily. If you would like to explore temping options get in touch with us to register your availability.

Robyn Bills

Robyn Bills

Robyn brings with her a wealth of local knowledge and connections. She has worked in a range of businesses and industries including; account management/sales (both locally and nationally), healthcare, media, real estate, manufacturing and NZ tourism. This gives Robyn the ability to draw on personal experience and apply these skills to your business or personal situation.

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