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Job titles – what's in a name?

Job titles – what's in a name?

Your job title sums up your role and can also indicate your level of responsibility within a business.  Encapsulating a role in a couple of words can be easy for some professions, and harder for others.  Let’s look at the importance of your title and what it can mean for you and your career.

It’s about perception

If someone doesn’t know you or the role you do, then often your title is the first insight they will get into understanding your position. Titles give an indication of your overall position and duties. If you are doing business and trying to sell a product, then the words Sales Manager or Sales Co-ordinator would be appropriate titles.

It can indicate to others your level of responsibility, ie; the Sales Manager would be perceived higher than the Sales Co-ordinator. 

Job title = value of a job.

Your job title can open doors to moving forward in your career and attracting a better salary. Salary status can also be a matter of perception, as you might be the CEO but if you are the CEO working for a not-for-profit organisation you might not be earning a similar salary as a CEO in another business.  However, your CEO title may attract a higher salary for future roles you apply for. 

Your brand

Your personal brand is a selling point, especially when you are looking for a new role. If your title moved from Assistant, to Co-ordinator to Manager to Director this progression is favourable to a future employer and to your own personal brand as it shows you have strived to take on higher levels of responsibility. Titles in your CV which show you have moved up within your career reflect your commitment and dedication to your chosen career, demonstrating your hard work to achieve and strive for success.

Consider this when putting your CV together, if you have gone from a Manager to a Co-ordinator for example, it may be worth explaining the circumstances.  Your previous role as Manager in a small business followed by a Co-ordinator role in a department within a much larger organisation is a step up for your career.  In this circumstance your title may not appear to best reflect your step up, yet due to the nature and size of the business your level of responsibility and skills required are higher than your previous role.


Many Employers and recruiters now use social media platforms such as LinkedIn to search for potential new staff. Often a job title will be used as the keywords in this search, therefore it is important to optimise these in your social media profile and check your title is a positive reflection of your previous roles.  If you have been in a situation where your title hasn’t adequately reflected your role, be sure to add a description explaining the role and think about key words you could include here that do best reflect your position to ensure you optimise your search capability.

When to speak up

If you feel your title doesn’t best reflect your work duties or your place within the organisation you may like to discuss this with a manager.  A variation in your title may not be a big deal to your manager, but can mean a lot to you with regards to job satisfaction and how you feel others view you and your role.

If you are working with a Recruitment Specialist, we take the time to get to know you, beyond your job title.  We will highlight your achievements, skills, career objectives and aspirations to a prospective employer.

If you are not working with a Recruitment Specialist, feel free to get in touch.

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Cushla Brasell

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