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Is your CV short, sharp and to the point?

Is your CV short, sharp and to the point?

Recruiters and employers cast their eyes across a multitude of CVs every day, so they know what to look for. Your CV needs to be short, sharp and to the point otherwise your application may be discarded.

Our local CV Expert Jo Hazlitt from CV Edge says CV’s need to be targeted to the job you are applying for and easy to read.  “Your CV is often an employer's first impression of you, make it your best one.”

Many common CV errors are easy to fix. Jo shares her advice on how to set your CV up for success.

Do include:

  • Correct contact details, all too often an individual’s CV contains old contact details.
  • A professional email address. Jo recommends; “Create a new address, use your name. I’ve seen a lot of random email addresses which reflect badly on an individual. Save jenandjon4eva or sixpackphil for your personal friends and family.”
  • A short professional profile. “Your profile should explain who you are as a person, your experience and qualifications relevant to the vacancy you are applying for.”
  • Your most recent work history, including any gaps in employment, explaining your situation. “If you have been a mum for the last six years, be proud of that and include it. Supply all the information in your CV, so the employer is not guessing to fill the gaps.”
  • Be professional and to the point. Jo recommends using language relevant to your position. “The words you choose reflects you and your experience. Choose them wisely. Each CV is individual to the person and I choose words and language to reflect this. There is a difference in language from a school leaver to an executive with 20+ years’ experience.”
  • Do include your driving status (full licence) if you have it.

Don’t include:

  • Spelling errors or typos, it will instantly put an employer off.
  • A sloppy CV layout. It’s like wearing a tracksuit to an interview – not the best first impression.
  • Photos, pictures, graphics – it’s not necessary and won’t add anything to the employer.
  • Personal details, you do not need to share your DOB or marital status in your CV.

For assistance to tailor your CV, Jo can provide a fast turnaround.  “I can meet up face to face, or remotely via Skype or Zoom. Technology has made this part of my role a lot easier and I can email through a tailored CV within the same day.”

Get the edge with a tailored CV from Jo Hazlitt at CV Edge, email info@cvedge.co.nz

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Christine Hanning

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