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How to be memorable for a positive lasting impression

How to be memorable for a positive lasting impression

In the Manawatu, business networks and connections are strong.  If you are job seeking, being memorable will open doors for you.  Word of mouth is a powerful tool in your job search.

Reflecting on the many job seekers I have spoken to over the years, seven specific attributes stand out as memorable to me. These attributes may not secure you the first job you apply for, but it will set you up as a highly desirable candidate. 

These are:

Connection and communication
Build a connection by using someone’s name when you write or speak to them.  A memorable communicator will strike the right balance between story-telling, sharing relevant information and listening. Make your connection by remembering the finer details.  

Demonstrate an optimistic outlook for your career, for a company and for the region. Along with passion comes positivity, enthusiasm and motivation, appealing traits for an employer to have on their team. 

If you are pro-active in your job search, you will respond and follow up quickly. You will have demonstrated an ability to use your initiative and be actively chasing all career opportunities and leads. Translate this into a work setting and an employer sees someone who can manage their work and who will seek solutions to any problems they may encounter. Click here for more on being pro-active as a job seeker.

Body language is a good way to display confidence.  In an interview situation it means having a firm handshake (or solid wave/elbow bump if social distancing is required).  Demonstrate confidence by making eye contact and sit or stand in an open position.  Click here for more on body language.   

For others and also for yourself, respect within the workplace is treating everyone with kindness and dignity.  A respectful employee contributes greatly to a healthy working environment.

To be curious is to ask questions and to offer a fresh opinion on a topic or issue. Curiosity is being open to a new job opportunity you may not have considered before as part of your career plan.

Be yourself. As a recruiter I don’t expect you to be perfect, and neither does your employer.  Tell a story about a time something went wrong and what you learnt from it.

When you apply for a job, you may be up against one other person, or 100.  It’s disappointing if you are unsuccessful, however if you have made a memorable impression, you have set the groundwork for future career opportunities.

As a recruiter, I know from experience, if you are memorable I guarantee more opportunities will come your way.

Robyn Bills

Robyn Bills

Robyn brings with her a wealth of local knowledge and connections. She has worked in a range of businesses and industries including; account management/sales (both locally and nationally), healthcare, media, real estate, manufacturing and NZ tourism. This gives Robyn the ability to draw on personal experience and apply these skills to your business or personal situation.

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