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Good Communication = Improved Performance


Good Communication = Improved Performance

Did you know the term “performance review” was first coined by a clinical psychologist called Aubrey Daniels in the 1970s?   Whilst this traditional form of measurement and feedback is still around, most businesses have transitioned to a more modern approach to performance reviews based on open communication and dialogue between a manager and employee.

Communication is key, as a manager if you develop a culture of open communication within your business, this is the foundation block to support open discussion between yourself and employee.  

Each building block has a purpose; to lead and support performance management and professional development for an employee. 

Feedback should discuss both areas of success and areas for improvement in an employees’ work.  It must be a fair and balanced assessment. It is an opportunity for the manager to reflect on the overall performance of the business and the employee’s contribution to this.  Vice versa, this is the opportunity for the employee to discuss any areas within their work they would like to develop further, to discuss career progression and/or to discuss any areas in which they feel they would benefit from further develop their skills and training.

This leads on to our next block: 

Goals, what is the business is wanting to achieve? And how does the employee and their own work goals fit into the overall objectives of the business? What are the goals specific to the employee to work towards? This could include opportunities for progression, areas to improve and expand on for the employee which add to the value of the business overall.

Measurement: There is no point having goals if there is not some criteria and measurement to determine how well these goals are achieved. Some clear measurement provides a focus for the employee and a discussion point for a manager.  

The goals may move, and the measurement might be adapted, but if feedback is maintained and if the communication remains consistent and frequent, then the momentum keeps going in the right direction.  

Keep it simple, if you take the building blocks, define the expectations and open the communication channels then performance will continue to improve from the employee, which flows on to the overall Success of your business.


Claire Hewson

Claire Hewson

Our resident Managing Director, Claire is our in-house HR practitioner, qualified psychometric assessor and career coach.

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