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Get The Edge When Competing For Talent

New Year Resolutions, deferred recruiting and staff resignations all combine to create "the perfect recruitment storm" in the first quarter

Get The Edge When Competing For Talent

Welcome back. You've just got your feet under your desk and a key staff member asks you to be a referee as they have just accepted a new job pending your reference.

What now? You have to jump into recruiting an equally capable replacement just to maintain numbers and you will be competing against every employer who waited until January to launch their recruitment campaign (this is a seasonal trend and happens year after year).

"I'll get our Office Manager to put a job online"

This could work, it often does find you someone, but recent history is telling us this is not enough in today's employment market.


As Recruitment Specialists with about a decade of experience I can share that things are changing and FAST!


Recruitment is swiftly becoming a global battle in Branding and Attraction - here's why:

  1. Print media advertising was genuinely effective at reaching local people for local jobs and was quite cost effective. I personally used to attract lots of great employees with low-cost run-ons in the Evening Post when printed in the traditional Wednesday and Saturday job print days. It is now costly and less effective if not ineffective.
  2. SEEK.co.nz - emerged as the key online job board in New Zealand and was low-cost and got targeted job-seekers like bees to honey. TradeMe.co.nz/jobs developed on the back of the massive growth of TradeMe's classified and auction success - and is a formidable opponent for SEEK.
  3. Social Media and particularly global networking sites grew like Facebook.com, and especially LinkedIn.com
  4. LinkedIn.com has evolved from being a business networking tool to a sales and recruiting platform with its own job board - consider if it should be in your marketing mix.
  5. Software as a Service (SaaS) tools for large businesses have created an environment where organisations with enormous budgets use expensive software solutions to attract job-seekers more effectively than ever before and then manage them as a targeted talent pool.
  6. Employment Branding has grown in importance.
  7. Smartphones have become an everyday item and are used for career searches, finding employer's locations and have changed how we communicate. You never saw sms messages, emoji's and webvideo as frequently ten years ago, now they are an everyday occurrence.
  8. SKYPE and other web based communication tools have made global recruiting a low cost (or no-cost) virtual experience.
  9. The relative low cost of international travel has mobilised people so they can relocate quickly and by some savvy web searching will do so on a highly informed basis.
  10. Job seekers are now searching globally for roles, so employers are now competing with international competition rather than local employers.

These things combined have given job seekers the ability to search quickly across multiple platforms for suitable roles, and while posting a Job Advert online is cheap(ish) rather than being easier for employers it has complicated recruitment as now there are more complex decisions to make on how, why, when and where to market your opportunities.


Employment Branding and Attraction

Employers in Manawatu are regularly telling us "we have tried and cannot find the right people for our business" - even though we should have a good supply of employees as NZ has high levels of unemployment, and two good quality tertiary education providers within our region and high quality secondary schools too.

To be successful in securing the best graduates, or the most talented employees for your business you need to have an Employment Brand that reinforces why you are the employer of choice in your industry, location or at least whenever you are actively recruiting.

Employment Brand is not your Product or Business Brand - it's how you are perceived as an employer. It's the reason you are or aren't an "employer of choice".

When actively recruiting you need to be able to:

  • Entice great people to your recruitment marketing
  • Excite them with effective content in the media (this is increasingly on a smartphone)
  • Engage them enough to want take action. Taking action may be finding out about your employment brand for a future application, but ideally it's taking the time to apply.


In a globally competitive employment market your recruitment marketing is a complex mix of advertising choices, communication styles, employment branding, role definitions and talent management among other things - and that is all before you even get to a shortlist.


When you are actively recruiting you are competing against other employers who may be after similar people and in similar/different industries. If they are a larger employer they may well have already attracted them into their employment talent pool to contact passive job seekers quickly for similar roles.


Do you still think your Office Manager, Secretary or infrequent in-house recruiter is on top of the changes, and are they better at recruiting in 2016 than your competitors?


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